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  1. EZRA

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    HI "Pervs"
    I happen to be very good with my hands .(take that anyway you want)
    I work in the trades for a living and have done all my own home improvement, automotive work,RV, boat,motorcycle repair and anything else you can think of.
    I have worked in .theater,Rigging,electrical,carpentry,automotive finish,special finish and I have a BA in design.
    I have noticed a great deal of interest in DIY BDSM equipment and wanted to offer all of you what help I can, so you can be successful, safe and happy.
    So to that end, I invite all of you to feel free to ask me about anything you find your having trouble with or if your just looking for ideas.
    I'm patient and have the ability to walk complete novices through the vagaries of fabrication, and belive that any one can do it if they want to.
    PM me or just post on this thread and I will be happy to help, even walk you through it step by step form design to finish.
    Don't worry I would love to be apart of any project you wish to undertake.
    Just to clarify- no charge.

    (If this belongs in announcements Sparrow I'm sorry but I wanted it to be seen)

  2. Thanks Ezra! I know I don't have any specific need as of yet, but I'm sure someone somewhere out there does! Thanks so much for offering your help!
  3. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    Good post Ezra, and no, this is a fine place for it, ans it should spark a decent conversation. Also, if there's anything "I" can help with, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or a pm or even an im on yahoo.

  4. ANYTHING, Sparrow?;)
  5. subspace

    subspace Member

    Te he he :D
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    never say enything sparrow :D
  7. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    yes. Anything. ;) But be careful what you wish for, you just may get it...
  8. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    sparrow you're super :D
    i'm in the good mood i had fine sex :)

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