Entry Level 4ft Leather Bullwhip - $99.95

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    Hello A/all,

    Here is the perfect entry level bullwhip/target practice/cracking whip. We normally sell these whips through our DeTailsToys.com site for $175, and you will often pay $300 or more for a higher quality, 4 foot kangaroo hide bullwhip, by a big name whipmaker.

    Whether you are a newbie or a more accomplished whiphandler you'll appreciate the action and accuracy of this shot loaded affordable Bullwhip. The braiding is tight and even and it's got some good heft to it throughout the length of the thong. Those that are new to bullwhips should be aware that a 4 foot bullwhip is actually over 5 feet in total length as the fall and cracker are not included in the whip length. Many unscrupulous vendors try to tell you this is a 5 foot whip, but only the braided whip itself should be measured.

    Please note we are able to give you this price because these bullwhips are well crafted from cow hide, not kangaroo which is, of course, a more expensive hide. Up until the last few decades steer hide was what almost all American whips were made of. There is a bit of discoloration In the batch we have currently and you may also experience a little bit of bleeding of the dye onto your hand in the beginning, which can easily be solved by wearing gloves. Please MAKE SURE to watch the video below, for a full explanation of what you'll be buying and a great demonstration by our whip expert thrash.
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  2. Bart Francis

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    This deal is now over. Thank You. :)

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