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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by ti1, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Hello members,

    I have newly joined this site and searched it out for the reason of having somewhere to post this and other messages. I am the sub of a domme in a relationship that is about to get very serious. Soon my weekly schedule will be controlled by my domme giving me only one day and a few evenings free each week. My domme will have video/photos of me wearing costumes, using buttplugs, completely degrading myself. I have enjoyed everything up to this point, which involved giving up my evenings, and this sounds good, but is also making me nervous. What makes me nervous is that this relationship is being controlled via the internet. I am unsure about my domme having such files on me in case she for some reason makes them public. i don't know why someone would want to see our conversations or pictures but they might. I know this is a stupid concern but that's what I'm like. Any advice or encouragement? I know that I should speak to my queen and I have told her this involves many new things and makes me nervous, but I don't have complete trust in her yet so I guess that's why I cannot bring myself to confess my whole concerns.


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