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    She leaned forward onto the meeting table resting on her elbows arching her back sticking her sweet luscious black ass towards me. She slowly separated her legs just a little and I could see her ass hole closed shut. I grinned knowing that will soon change. I got on my knees and separated her checks with my hands. I licked her crack up and down surrounding her ass hole with saliva. Her flowing fountain of pussy juice soon started. Spitting on her hole and spreading it all over with my tongue. She moaned like a whore.
    I stood up behind her and rubbed my dick against the wetness between her legs for lubrication. She looked back at me in anticipation.
    I pushed my hard dick up against the opening of her ass hole. It was tight and wasn’t trained for the kind of torture I had planed for it. I pushed up against her harder slowly digging deeper in to her. She cried out in pain as her asshole stretched. Her loud screams and pathetic whimpers made it clear that her invaded asshole was fighting the intrusion of my cock. There was no pleasure for her now.
    â€give it up bitch, and take it like a whore†I said.
    “don’t hold back daddy, I can take it.†she said as she held on to the edges of the table for support.
    I started rocking my hips back and forth thumping her against desk. Her mouth was open, her face frowning in pain, her squeals involuntarily, and her tears fell from her eyes as she looked back at me. Her vulnerability enraged my passion. By the time my cock’s full length split her ass in two, i was sliding in and out of her in slow rhythmic thrusts.
    “My ass†she wail. “fuck meâ€
    I would pull my dick out for a second or two taking glory in looking at her widen gap trying to close up. I don’t let it as I drive my cock backing to continue her anal pounding. Her moans of pain turn to moans of pleasure as her body finally surrenders her hole to me. I keep smacking up against her ass as it sends ripples in all directions. Her tits jiggling and swing aimlessly. I throw in a few random movements just to see how the meat on this black beauty would react. I slapped her ass just to remind her of the pain.
    I was fighting my orgasm enjoying this bitch as much i can.
    “Tits on the counter black fuck.â€
    I push her flat on the table and held her hands behind her back to make sure she doesn’t break loose. I force drove my cock harder, faster and deeper like a piston in its tight chamber. I ram her sadistically only thinking of heightening my pleasure. I grunt like an animal as pleasure over takes me. I have never been so vocal, calling her name that fitted her status as a pleasure toy.
    Her body squirms underneath mine; she screams uncontrollably Repeating “fuck meâ€
    I shoot my load deep inside her ass hole, and felt as though the energy was sucked out of me. I stumbled back to the nearest chair. it took her 10 minutes before she started moving. Waiting for signs of life from her I watched as her ass hole slowly closed up. I could see my cum peaking out of her ass hole and roll down her crack to her thighs.
    After catching my breath. I got up and put on my clothes and start to leave.
    “Wait†she yelled. “don’t you want my number, we can do this again some timeâ€
    “If I need your ass again bitch, I’ll find you†I grinned and left her office.

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