English master looking for a female to own

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    I have always had submissive women in my life and that is not about to change. The nature and depth of the submission has varied and I prefer long-term relationships to anything fleeting, though sometimes one cannot be sure which will last and which will not. I am happy to own a slave but will consider any woman looking for a dominant man in her life.

    I'm just in my fifties, a freelance professional, enjoy indoors and outdoors, more a feed-the-ducks man than a city night-life lover. Demanding yet caring; laid back while at the same time insistent; assured and confident but not an extrovert. A man for you to get to know, to serve and be rewarded.

    I am in England and don't care where you come from nor what your age. You must be slim, non-smoking, reasonably healthy and have a good mind for me to explore and put to use.
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