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    We are branching out into something I have wanted to do for a long time - using a TENS unit during our play. I've seen them used in videos but they seem to be a bit larger and more heavy duty units - the one I have is a 9V, 4 electrode unit. What I want to know is best placement - she is completely open for any stimulation be it clitoral, labial, anal, etc. I want to use it as a way to build her up and put her at the edge without pushing her over. Also, she gets extremely wet, soaking her inner thighs, mons, everything in the most delicious of ways which is good for conductivity but not necessarily for keeping the electrodes attached.

    Tips? Thoughts? Suggestions?
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    There are some specific sites with electric play safety tips - and you might want to Google those. Maybe there are similar tips on this site too.

    I think the one Golden Rule for TENS type units is keep the stimulation "below the waist". This avoids any risk of inducing cardiac problems.

    If you check out dedicated S&M electric kits you'll find specially designed electrodes for the vagina and the anus. Anal electrodes can be a lot of fun because you may even feel a nice tingle if you fuck her while she's being shocked (assuming you're not wearing a condom). If you're handy with a soldering iron you can adapt the commercial electrodes to your TENS unit.

    Always start at a really low setting, and work up.

    If you use an anal electrode, you might want to think about giving her an enema first so that she's not going to lose control and crap everywhere.

    Try the bottom of her feet. Place the electrodes about three inches apart (use your best judgement) on the soles. You can use masking tape or surgical tape to wrap around the foot and secure it in place - or you can even place the pads in a lace-up shoe and just use that to keep them in place.

    If she thinks her feet are ticklish, wait until she's had a few hundred volts through those nerves :devil:

    One of the great things about TENS units is that you can go watch a TV program while she's being tortured automatically. I've been on the receiving end of that...and also my wife making a phone call to a friend. Of course I'm safely gagged! I think of it as the ultimate humiliation.


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