Dungeon Adventures - Part One

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    Jonathan Birdwhistle had been driving for several hours before his arrival at the plain blue building on La Hacienda Boulevard in Los Angeles. He had delivered his wife and children to one of the theme parks and made his way along the Ventura and San Diego freeways to the very special facility. Even now he did not believe that such a place could exist. His hands were sweaty, probably from the combination of the drive and the activity on which he was about to embark. It was not often that he would get nervous but today was an exception.

    He had found this particular facility on the Internet, through a special interest forum that he had subscribed to for some years. With a passion, almost an obsession, for tickling girls and a dream of tickling young women in bondage, he had always been very frustrated. Certainly, he could sneak a tickle on his wife or playfully grab his daughter and tickle her for a few seconds, but he wanted more. He wanted to tickle torture a young woman for a considerable length of time, not just a few seconds, and he wanted her to be helpless to resist as he did so. Having driven around the area, up and down this section of La Hacienda Boulevard several times, nearly having second thoughts about his planned adventure, he walked up to the door.

    This was not the first time he had misgivings about his plan. Before he left his Canadian home for Los Angeles, he had thought about backing out. This was, after all, a real young woman he was about to tickle torture. No longer was it only an imaginary figure in his writings on the Internet. When he was told that the young woman he intended to tickle torture was Japanese, though, his fears were overcome by his desire. He had a very special love for Asian girls and for Japanese girls more than any other. How he had wished to be with some of the young Japanese women he had seen at the Canadian airports and resorts, not to mention Tokyo itself on his several visits to Japan. His desire to play with a Japanese girl, to tie her up and to tickle her was a hundred times stronger than his perceived need to back out of his plan.

    He rubbed his sweaty palms together and lifted his trembling hand to the intercom button outside of the building. He pushed the little white plastic button. Suddenly, the heavy wooden door to the establishment was unlocked. He swallowed hard and entered the building.

    “Hello,†said a pretty blonde lady who appeared to be in her thirties, “may I help you?â€

    “Well, yes, miss,†he said, “I called from Canada last week to make an appointment to spend some time with Sachi who I understand is working today.â€

    “Yes, of course,†she said, “I think she just came out of a session, though, and she needs to take a break. I’ll go ask her.â€

    “Hello, I’m Sachi,†said the stunningly beautiful young Japanese woman as she entered the front office a few moments later, reaching her hand out to him, “what can I do for you?â€

    Taken aback by the reality of this beautiful Japanese girl before him, seeing her in real life standing there, in her mid-twenties and five and a half feet tall, he nearly lost his composure. He shook her hand and relished in its softness, the smoothness of her skin and the gentleness of her grasp.

    “Well, I was hoping to spend a little time with you today,†he said, “still not sure if he should reveal his true intentions to this pretty girl as the owner of the establishment watched the proceedings from behind his wooden desk with his large dog, who turned out to be a real wolf, by his side. He noticed, though, that the long, silky black hair the girl had in her pictures was now somewhat shorter.

    “That would be fine,†said Sachi, “but I do need a ten or fifteen break. Can you wait for me?â€

    “Of course,†he said, even though his time was limited on this day, “please take as long as you like.â€

    “Would you like something to drink while you wait,†asked Misha, “we have some cold soft drinks in the fridge.â€

    “Thankyou,†he said, his mouth still dry from the lengthy drive around Los Angeles and his misgivings in coming to the dungeon, “I would love to have a cola.â€

    “Come,†said Misha, the blonde lady who had welcomed him, as she handed him a Coke from the fridge in the next room, “I’ll show you around.â€

    The blonde lady, Misha, showed him through the entire facility, starting with the storage room for all of the restraints, implements and toys that were available for use in the dungeon. Along with drawers full of leather restraints, the walls were equipped with lengthy racks stocked with whips, floggers, riding crops, paddles and whatever other implements a client might desire.

    “What are these used for,†he asked Misha, as he picked up a stainless steel medical instrument which was used in surgery to clamp bleeding arteries, a hemostat that would pinch tightly and lock in place.

    “Why, that’s for nipple torture,†explained Misha, “some clients who come here like to apply these to the nipples of our girls.â€

    “Have they done that to you?†he asked.

    “Yes, of course,†she said, “because I am submissive.â€

    “I see,†he said, “but it must hurt when they do that.â€

    “Yes, it’s terribly painful.â€

    “Wow,†he said, “I’m amazed they allow this.â€

    “Come,†said Misha, as she moved into the next room, “this is the Bastille room. It is one of our dungeon rooms and some our clients like to use it for their sessions. As you can see, it has a jail cell, a rack, stocks and so on. Some of our clients, who like to have an overnight session, make use of the jail cell quite regularly.â€

    He ran his hand gently over the surface of a leather topped table on which a person could be secured.

    “So this is a dungeon,†he said.

    “Oh, we have a lot more than that,†explained Misha, “but this room is also used a lot as our interview room. Whenever a client comes in, the lady he selects will meet with him in this room to discuss the things that he wants to do with her, to explain what limits are going to apply and to come to a mutual consent of the things that will make up their session. At this point, the client can back out and choose another lady or the lady can refuse the session if she’s not comfortable with the client or his requests.â€

    “I see,†he pondered aloud, “so I will have to meet with Sachi in here and tell her what I want to do.â€

    “I don’t think so,†said Misha, “because you have already been in touch with her through the email system and she knows what you plan to do. I can see, in the way she reacted to you when she came in to meet with you, that she is quite comfortable with you.â€

    “That’s wonderful,†he said, “after all, I don’t want to scare her.â€

    “We have several rooms along this hallway that a lot of clients like,†she went on, “including a very feminine boudoir and a school room, in which our dominas apply the cane to various clients or our clients cane and spank our submissives.â€

    “That’s not really for me, thanks.â€

    “This next room,†Misha explained, as she entered the torture chamber, “is the Elizabethan room. It’s equipped with a throne, a torture rack, a torture table and so on. If you bring Sachi in here, you can strap her down on that table, for example, and tickle her all you want. She would be completely at your mercy.â€

    “Wow, Misha, you are so well equipped,†he observed.

    “Our next room,†she said, as they moved on to the next door, “is our Marquis de Sade room. It has a medieval torture rack, cross, and a table with a cage under it. A lot of our clients like this room.â€

    “I see,†he said, as he saw another implement in the room, “and is that a suspension bar with a windlass to raise it?â€

    “Yes, it is,†said Misha, “do you like it.â€

    “Very much,†he said, “it’s just too bad that tickling table with all the straps isn’t in this room.â€

    “Ah, yes, the immobilizer,†she said, “but there is a torture rack along the wall there and another torture table there. They don’t have all the straps, of course, but Sachi will be just as helpless nonetheless.â€

    “I think I will use this room,†he said, “because I want to use the suspension bar with the windlass.â€

    “So you plan to suspend her during your session?â€

    “No, not completely,†he told Misha, “but I want her standing high up on her toes. That’s such a deliciously helpless position for her.â€

    “I see,†she said, as they left the room and made their way back to the front office through another large open area, “this is a sitting room for our staff to take a break, like Sachi at the table there, and we use it for various parties on Saturday nights.â€

    As they entered the front office area, Misha showed him another room, more like a sitting room, to the side of the office, saying, “this is a comfortable room where our ladies can sit and relax, watch television or what have you, while there are no clients in the dungeon for them.â€

    “Well, Misha, I am impressed,†he said, becoming more comfortable, “with both the facility and you. Thankyou for showing me around.â€

    “You’re most welcome.â€

    Sachi entered the front office area as Jonathan Birdwhistle, today’s Yasuhiro Shimada, was finishing his Coke and chatting with the owner and master of the Passionate Crafts dungeon. She was dressed in a blue and white outfit, somewhat based on the uniforms worn by Japanese schoolgirls, yet radically different. Her top was white with the blue flap but only extended down to her midriff, leaving her stomach completely exposed, and her blue skirts was very short, barely reaching down onto her thighs. Oddly, she wore yellow with black high heel shoes, which made her look several inches taller than her actual five foot 6 inches of height, and unusually tall for a Japanese girl.

    “Hi, I’m ready now,†she said, “my break is over.â€
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    “You look very nice,†he pointed out, then addressing the blonde lady who had shown him around the facility, “Misha, would you be able to join us for a few minutes and make sure I use the equipment properly?â€

    “Of course,†said Misha, “I’d be happy to, but it will cost you twenty dollars.â€

    “That’s fine,†he said, reaching into his left front pocket, “here you are.â€

    “I thought you were taking Sachi,†said the dungeon master, “why are you paying Misha?â€

    “I just want to take Misha along for a few minutes to show me how to use the equipment on Sachi,†said Jonathan, “since it’s my first time and I don’t want to hurt her.â€

    “Okay, then,†he responded, “go ahead. You know to push the intercom when you start and I’ll respond to inform you that I have started the clock. I will then buzz you over the intercom when your time is up. Of course, you can extend it at that point if you wish.â€

    “Thankyou,†said Jonathan, “let’s go, ladies.â€

    “So, sir,†asked Sachi, “where are you taking me?â€

    “I thought we should try the Marquis de Sade room,†he said, “it seems to have the best equipment.â€

    “But what about the Elizabethan room,†asked Sachi, “it has the immobilizer, the tickling table where you can strap me down completely.â€

    “That’s nice, too,†he told her, “but I have something different in mind for you.â€

    “We have to stop here at the equipment room,†said Misha, “to get the things that you want to use in the dungeon.â€

    “Oh, of course,†said Jonathan, “I want to get suspension wrist restraints and leather restraints for her ankles.â€

    “Are you going to suspend her off the ground?†asked Misha.

    “No, not at all,†he said, “but I am going to use the suspension bar and windlass to lift her high up on her toes.â€

    “I see,†said Misha, “as she opened the top left drawer of the cabinet and took out the restraints they would use, “is there anything else you want to bring.â€

    “Yes, of course,†he told her, “I would like some tickling implements like a stiff feather, a Japanese calligraphy pen, a hair brush and a leather riding crop.â€

    “Why do you need a riding crop?†she asked.

    “If she’s not sensitive enough in a particular spot,†he said, as he hit the palm of his left hand with the riding crop, “I’m going to sensitize it with a few strokes of this leather crop.â€

    “You are really evil, you know,†said Misha.

    “Okay, ladies, now we can go,†said Jonathan, as he led the two women down the hall to the Marquis de Sade dungeon room. Misha opened the door to the room, the three of them entered and she closed the door behind them. They crossed the floor of the room, covered with a resilient flooring somewhat like a carpeting, to the suspension bar and windlass that Jonathan was planning to use.

    “What are you doing?†he said, looking Sachi directly in the eyes.

    “What, sir,†she said, quite shocked by his sudden reaction to her, “what’s wrong?â€

    “You mean you don’t know?â€

    “No, of course not,†she said softly, “I haven’t done anything.â€

    “Come over here,†he said, as he led her back to the door where they had entered the room, Sachi looking at Misha who was also wondering what was going on, “lie down on your tummy right here facing the door.â€

    Sachi complied, kneeling first and then lying down on her stomach, facing the door as she had been instructed. She was the submissive after all.

    “Give me the restraints, Misha,†he said, “one by one.â€

    He fastened the wrist restraints on Sachi’s wrists as he brought her arms into position behind her back. Then he removed her shoes and fastened the ankle restraints around her ankles, one leg at a time, and brought her ankles up to meet her wrists behind her back. He fastened the four restraints together by way of the metal ring that was already attached to the wrist restraints. Sachi was now helplessly hogtied, on her stomach, on the floor. He then put her shoes directly in front of her face, between her and the door, placing them neatly side by side.

    “Please, sir, tell me what I have done. Why are you angry with me?â€

    “I want you to think about that for a few minutes,†he said, as he was leaving the room, “while I go and talk to the dungeon master.â€

    “Misha, what’s going on?â€

    “I don’t know, Sachi,†she answered, “he was all set to tickle you over in the far corner there, where the suspension bar is, but then he suddenly got angry with you. I have no idea what you did, but we’ll find out after he tells the dungeon master, I guess.â€

    “Oh, God, I hope it’s not a bad thing,†said Sachi, “all I did was walk in the room with you and him.â€

    “I know,†said Misha, “I didn’t see you do anything.â€

    In the front office, Jonathan explained to the dungeon master that he was engaged in a little role play that he had not planned on. It was an idea that had just come to him as they entered the Marquis de Sade room.

    “I’m sorry to bother you, dungeon master,†said Jonathan, “but I just had an idea. I’ve got Sachi shaking in her boots in the room right now because I pretended she did something wrong, I tied her up and I told her I was going to talk to you. Misha’s still in there, but she has no idea either.â€

    “I see that on the television screen here,†said the dungeon master, “you’ve got her scared. Look, she’s actually trembling. It’s not too often that a client can take one of our subs off balance like that and never have I seen it in the first minute.â€

    “I want to do a little role play if it’s okay with you,†explained Jonathan, “but neither of the girls knows it. They think I’m deadly serious. I don’t want to tell you what it is exactly, you’ll see that on the screen, but I want to extend the session by half an hour starting right now and I don’t want you to say anything over the intercom until I ring you from the room in fifteen minutes.â€

    “Okay, as long as you don’t harm her.â€

    “No, I’m not going to hurt her in any way,†said Jonathan, “Is Mistress English, the British domina from your videos, here today.â€

    “Yes, she is. Would you like to talk to her?â€

    “Please, if I could.â€

    “Hello, I’m Susan English,†said the stunning British brunette in her forties as she entered the room, “what can I do for you?â€

    “You know, I love the way you tickled Adeline in one of the video clips that you made,†he started, “where you were the head mistress of a school, and I would love it if you could teach me how to do that for about fifteen minutes. I’ve got Sachi hogtied in the Marquis de Sade room right now waiting for you.â€

    “Okay, I’d be delighted to do that,†she said, “I haven’t had a chance to tickle her yet.â€

    “The deal is this,†he explained, “we went into the dungeon room, three of us including Misha, and she walked into the room and across the floor without taking her shoes off. Now she’s Japanese and she was taught from childhood that you take your shoes off when you enter a room. So, I want you to punish her for it and, in that way, perhaps teach me something. She’s hogtied on her belly by the door with her shoes in front of her face but she’s got no idea what she did or why I left to talk to the dungeon master.â€

    “Oh, you’re good,†said Mistress English, “so she doesn’t even know its part of her session with you. Okay, let’s go talk to her.â€

    “Okay, Sachi,†said Mistress English as she walked into the room with Jonathan, “what have we done?â€

    “I don’t know, Mistress,†said Sachi, “he just got mad at me all of a sudden when we walked into the room.â€

    Mistress English delicately moved her fingers over the soles of Sachi’s feet and wiggled her fingers into the soft, curved spaces under her toes.

    “Aaaaaah,†screamed Sachi, “please dohohohon’t, Mihistress, that tihihickles.â€

    “So you really don’t know what you did then?†asked Mistress English as she continued to torment Sachi’s feet and then moved up to tickle her ribs, “What about you, Misha? Do you want to tell me or should I get a set of restraints for you as well?â€

    “No, Mistress,†said Misha, starting to back away, “I’m not part of this session.â€

    “Who said anything about a session, Misha? We’re here to solve a problem right now. Now, Sachi, what have we done?â€

    “I don’t know, Mistress English, please stohohop!â€

    “When you were a little girl, Sachi, did your mother not teach you proper manners when it comes to entering a room?â€

    “Yehehes, pleaheeheese,†Sachi laughed, “but I dohohon’t knohohow!â€

    “Well, this is where the problem started, isn’t it? With these feet that I have to tickle now while your customer is waiting. What do you see in front of you?â€

    “My shoehoohoos, ahahaha!â€

    “And what do we do with our shoes when we come into a room, Sachi?â€

    “Take them ohohohoff.â€

    “So what do you want to say?â€

    “I’m sohohorry, sihihir,!â€

    “It’s a little late for sorry, isn’t it, Sachi,†she said, “perhaps you’ll remember next time. Misha, go get another set of wrist and ankle restraints.â€

    “Yes, Mistress,†said Misha as she left the room.

    Misha returned about a minute later with the restraints in her hands.

    “Okay, Misha,†said Mistress English, “lie down on your stomach.â€

    “No, please Mistress,†said Misha, “I’m not part of this session. Don’t tickle me!â€

    “Well, you are now,†she said as she was placing the restraints on Misha’s wrist and ankles, “you walked in with your shoes on, too, didn’t you?â€

    “Yes, Mistress, but I’m not Japanese.â€

    “So you mean that good manners are only for Sachi and not for you?â€

    “No, Mistress,†said Misha, as Mistress English started to tickle her feet, “oh, crahahap, nohoho!â€

    “So, Jonathan, that’s how we start to punish wrong doers in the dungeon,†she said, “now just do to Sachi what I do to Misha.â€

    “Sachi, is there anything else you did?†asked Jonathan.

    “Nohoho, pleaheeheese,†she cried, “I’ve done nohohothing else!â€

    “Is that so?†he asked as he continued to tickle her, while Mistress English was giving Misha an intense tickling nearby.
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    “Is there more?†asked Mistress English.

    “Yes, there is. Look at these feet, Mistress. She hasn’t even washed them since she came out of her last session half an hour ago.â€

    “Now who has to suffer, Sachi? You came out of session with some other guy a half hour ago and who knows what he did to you. As far as I know he kissed and licked these grubby feet of yours and you didn’t even have the courtesy to wash them when I let you have a break while I waited for you!â€

    “Let me get you something,†said Mistress English, as she left the room.

    “Here is a bath brush and some baby oil,†she said, as she returned and gave the items to him, keeping a similar brush for herself. Mistress English applied a little baby oil to Misha’s feet and indicated to Jonathan that he should do so as well.

    “Have you two ever had a foot massage?†she asked the girls.

    “Yes,†replied both girls.

    “Not like this, you haven’t!â€

    “Aaaaah,†screamed Misha, as Mistress English rubbed the soles of her feet quite thoroughly with the bath brush.

    “Oh, oh, oh,†was all that Sachi could say before she started laughing herself out of control as Jonathan applied his bath brush to the soles of her feet.

    “You know, Jonathan,†said Mistress English, “look at these nice round little bum cheeks. Don’t they just beg to be tickled? Like this!â€

    “Ahahaha,†laughed the two girls as the two ticklers turned their attention to their backsides.

    “My Gohohod!†screamed Misha.

    “No roll over on your side, both of you,†said Mistress English, “and repeat after me ‘I know I’ve been bad and I need to take off my shoes when I enter a room.’â€

    “I knohohow Ihi’ve beeheeheen bahahad,†said both girls, still being tickled on the now exposed stomachs, “and I neeheeheed to take ohohoff my shoehoohoos when I enter a roohoohoom.â€

    “And you Sachi,†said Mistress English, “repeat after me “and I know I have to wash my feet after a session with another customer.’â€

    “Ahahanb I knohohow I hahave tohoo wahahash my feeheeheet after a session with anohohother cuhuhustomer.â€

    “Very good, ladies,†said Mistress English, “now another good tickle on the feet and we’ll be done.â€

    “Ahahahaaa,†the girls laughed as Mistress English and Jonathan tickled their feet for another two minutes.

    Sachi and Misha were both covered in sweat, their long hair matted on their faces, as Jonathan and Mistress English unclipped the restraints.

    “Okay, girls, take a break,†said Jonathan, “but keep the restraints on your wrists and ankles.â€

    “But I’m not part of the session,†complained Misha, “I’m only going to show you how to hook up Sachi on the equipment.â€

    “Well, amuse me anyway,†he said, “perhaps you’ll remember your own tickling.â€

    “Okay, then, if that’s what you want. How long can we take for a break?â€

    “We’ll just make it ten minutes or so.â€

    “Thankyou. Come, Sachi, let’s sit down in the lounge for a few minutes.â€

    Sachi and Misha both removed their shoes as they came back into the Marquis de Sade room. They didn’t want to be punished like that again. Mistress English was the most feared tickler in the dungeon. All of the submissives dreaded the very idea of a tickling bondage session with her. She could start out ever so gently with pleasant little strokes over a young girl’s soft skin and then, without warning, embark on the most intense tickle torture under their arms or on their feet. They would shudder at the very thought of having to spend an hour on the immobilizer tickling table with her.

    “I’m sorry I made you angry,†said Sachi, “I forgot my manners.â€

    “It’s okay, Sachi, we can talk about that later,†said Jonathan, “now let’s get your wrists attached to this suspension bar.â€

    He attached the metal rings on her wrist cuffs to those on the suspension bar with the locking clips that came with the restraints. He then went to the windlass, attached to the wall, and started to turn the handle, slowly raising the young Japanese girl’s heels off the floor.

    “I love this position,†he explained to Misha, “because it extends a woman’s whole body, raising her breasts high up, stretching her torso, tightening the muscles in her legs and exposing the soles of her feet while she is helpless to resist.â€

    When he thought Sachi was stretched up high enough, he moved in behind her and clipped the metal rings on her ankle restraints together.

    “Aaaah,†Sachi cried, as he gently stroked the sole of one foot.

    “Now, Sachi,†he said, as he stood in front of her and looked into her brown eyes, “we are going to find your most ticklish spots. Is there any place that I’m not allowed to touch?â€

    “My secure area,†she said.

    “What does that mean – my secure area?â€

    “You know, between my legs.â€

    “Okay, then everything else is okay?â€

    “Yes, it’s all okay except that.â€

    “Aaaaaaah,†she screamed, twisting her body from side to side as the tickled her under the arms, “Gohohod, nohoho!â€

    “Well, that seems to be a good place,†he said, as he moved down to her stomach, still standing behind her.

    “Heeheeheehee,†she giggled, as he gently ran his fingers over her stomach and abdomen, several times around the two piercings in her navel.

    “I wonder if her breasts are ticklish, too,†he said to Misha, “perhaps we should take her top and her bra off. Now how do I do that?â€

    “There’s a zipper on the side,†said Sashi.

    Jonathan unzipped the top and to his surprise it opened. He unclipped her bra and moved both items up over her shoulders. Misha moved to unclip Sachi’s wrists from the suspension bar in order to remove the clothing items over her head.

    “No, that’s not necessary, Misha,†he said, “they’re fine right here.â€

    “Aaaah,†cried Sashi, as he began to tickle her breasts.

    “You know what, Misha, her breasts don’t seem to be that ticklish but I can show you another spot that’s always ticklish on a girl’s body, especially an Oriental girl.â€

    “Can I remove your skirt and panty, Sachi?â€

    “Yes, there’s two buckles on the front, and Velcro,†she said, “but don’t touch my special place, okay?â€

    “No, I won’t touch that,†he said, as he reached around from behind and easily unfastened the two buckles on her skirt.

    “Are you sure this is your first time,†asked Misha, “you did that pretty easily.â€

    “Well, I have written about it many times, and I’ve often done it in my dreams.â€

    When Sachi was completely naked, she lost her concentration for a moment and let her heels lower to the floor.

    “Look at this, Misha,†said Jonathan, “she’s been faking. She’s been standing up on her toes. We’ll just have to fix that!â€

    He moved over to the windlass and cranked the suspension bar upward by another six inches or so. Now, she was truly suspended and standing high up on the tips of her toes. She was completely helpless and unable to move. Sachi started to sweat under the strain that was no put on her entire body. Jonathan picked up the leather riding crop and moved before her.

    “Is it not improper for a submissive girl to hide things from her master?†he asked her, as he looked into her eyes, “Did you try to hide the fact that you weren’t properly up on your toes as I had wanted you to be?â€

    “Yes,†she stammered.

    “Then perhaps you should learn that a submissive girl is not allowed to hide such a thing from her client master. For your punishment, I’m going to put this leather riding crop across your young ass a few times. Let me see. Oh, I think about five times.â€

    “Aaaah,†she cried, as she felt the first stroke across both cheeks of her ass.

    “Ooooow,†she cried, helplessly trying to twist her body as she felt the second stroke land on the soft, round globes that formed her backside.

    “Ow, oh, owowow,†she screamed, throwing her head back and arching her back, as the third strike landed. He was extremely systematic with his strokes, each successive blow of the leather riding crop landing only a fraction of an inch above the one before.

    “Ooooow, Gohohod,†she screamed, as the fourth last hit her across the small of her back, just above her pelvic bones. This one was especially painful as there wasn’t as much muscle tissue there and she wasn’t expecting him to change the pattern of the strokes that he was giving her.

    “Oh, please, no more,†she pleaded, as she tried to arch her back and take the strain off her stretched muscles, “I’m sorry.â€

    “Aw, she’s sorry,†he said to Misha, “but the punishment was to be five strokes was it not. How many was it, Misha, and you see what happens when you lie to me.â€

    “It was four,†she said.

    Sachi tensed up all of her muscles, knowing that another lash of the leather crop was about to come, sweating and completely helpless to move even slightly. After some ninety seconds, she finally let her muscles relax.

    “Aaaaaah, noooooooo,†she screamed, tears flowing down her face, as she felt the unbelievable painful stroke across the thickest, softest part of her ass, delivered with the full strength of a powerful man.

    Jonathan put down the riding crop and began to tickle the crease on her abdomen, where her thighs met her torso.

    “Ahahahahaha, nohohoho, pleaheeheeheese,†she laughed and pleaded.

    “That, Misha, is one of the most ticklish spots on a woman’s body. Look at her twist and struggle to get away – to no avail, of course. Another very ticklish place is the little area between her secure part, as she calls it, and her legs. I’m not allowed to touch her genitals, though, so we won’t go there.â€

    “How come you know so much about female anatomy?â€

    “I have written a lot of tickling stories and film scripts,†he explained, “and I do have a bit of medical training as well.â€

    “I see. Well, I think I should go now,†said Misha as she left the room, “have fun with Sachi.â€
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    “So, Sachi,†said Jonathan, “now we are alone. Let’s do a full body tickle for the next ten minutes or so.â€

    “Hahahahaha,†she howled, “as he tickled her underarms relentlessly, moving down to her hips and across her tummy occasionally.â€

    “Is it okay if I kiss you, Sachi?â€

    “Yes, but not on my face, okay?â€

    “Okay, you win,†he said, as he began to tickle her breasts with very light strokes of his fingers.

    “Ooooh,†she moaned and inhaled deeply, arching her back as best she could, as he ever so delicately kissed her nipples, “ooooh, wow, what are you doing to me?â€

    “I am actually introducing you to your own body, to feelings and sensations you probably have never even thought of, as I have done in many of my stories.â€

    “Wow,†she said, sighing deeply, “where did you learn that?â€

    “I think it’s just a talent that God gave me – I didn’t really learn it anywhere.â€

    After another ten minutes or so, tickling her under the arms, along her sides, over her breasts, across her stomach, inside her thighs, behind her knees and under her feet, with Sachi screaming and laughing uncontrollably the entire time, he stopped his tickling.

    “Please,†she said, “my wrists are getting sore. Can you let me down now?â€

    “Okay, perhaps we’ll do something else,†he said, as he lowered the suspension bar by means of the windlass along the wall.

    He took Sachi over to the opposite wall of the Marquis de Sade room and asked her to lie down on the medieval torture rack. He placed her ankles in the footstocks and attached her wrists, still in the leather restraints, to the stretching bar over her head. Then, he turned the crank at the head end of the rack to tighten her body again. He moved to the foot end of the device.

    “You know, Sachi, you have very pretty feet,†he said, as he delicately kissed her toes, causing her to moan and inhale deeply again, “and I haven’t given them enough attention as yet, I think.â€

    “Hahahahaha, no, hohohoho,†she laughed as he stroked the fude, a Japanese calligraphy brush, through the soft, delicate little spaces beneath and between her toes, kissing her toes every so often.

    Sachi started to breathe more and more deeply, seemingly more in her own world than in the Marquis de Sade room with Jonathan, flexing her toes more and more frequently, moaning, finally clenching her fists, arching her back and flexing her toes as she screamed in an intense sexual climax.

    “What was that?â€

    “I think I just had a climax,†she said, still trying to catch her breath.

    “Really,†he said, “but your nipples aren’t even hard.â€

    “My nipples never get very hard.â€

    He moved to her upper body and, lightly stroking her stomach with the fude, he delicately kissed her nipples again, passionately and at length, deeply inhaling the aroma of her young body. She arched her back and moaned again.

    “I think I need to move back down to your feet,†he said, as he lightly brushed the fude down the entire length of her legs, “and get some real tickling done. I’ll bet they’ll be super sensitive now that you’ve had a climax.â€

    “No, please, nohohoho, aaaaaah, Gohohohod!†she cried and laughed as he began to seriously tickle the soles of her feet with the soft bristles of the Japanese calligraphy brush. She cried and laughed and screamed, all at once, as he continued to tickle her feet, tightly held in the footstocks, for another ten minutes or so.

    “You’re so meaheeheeheen,†she cried, “I can’t stand it anymohohore!â€

    “You can use your safeword if you want,†he taunted her, “then I’ll stop and I’ll tell all the other subs you couldn’t take it.â€


    At the end of the ten minutes, with only fifteen minutes left in the one hour tickling session that Sachi was aware of, Jonathan released her from the rack and told her to lie down on another table. He fastened her wrist restraints over her head with metal clips to the tie down rings on the table. He pulled Sachi’s ankles to stretch her body tightly and secured her ankle restraints to rings at the edge of the table as well.

    “Now, let’s see what this fude will do to your underarms,†he said, as he started to stroked it throughout the very sensitive area under her arms, now widely exposed to his brush strokes.

    “Nohoho, pleaheeheese, nohoho mohohore!â€

    After a few minutes, he moved the fude down to the sensitive creases of her lower abdomen as Sachi writhed and struggled.

    “Pleaheaheahease, nohohoho!â€

    After several minutes there, he moved the fude to her nipples and started to stroke on the sensitive tips of her breasts ever so lightly and delicately. Sachi started to moan again and she was soon in the throes of a second sexual climax, this one even more intense than the first one. She thought her breasts were on fire as the stroking of the fude continued even during her orgasm.

    As she fought to catch her breath, and to come back down to reality, she felt Jonathan applying baby oil to her feet. Moments later, he started to massage them.

    “Are you massaging my feet?â€

    “Yes, Sachi, we only have a few minutes left and I always like to give a ticklee a little treat. You’ve had enough now so I’ll just give you a quick massage.â€

    “After all, you don’t want me to hit you, do you?â€

    “Yes, I like it if you want to hit me.â€

    “No, I think I would prefer to pamper you a little bit now.â€

    He released her ankles and left her wrists secured to the table. Gently, yet firmly, he massaged her entire body, starting with her feet and moving up her legs and torso to her arms and shoulders.

    “Tell me about yourself, Sachi,†he said as he continued his massage, “is that your real name?â€

    “No, my real name is Mika.â€

    “Are you from Tokyo?â€

    “Actually, I’m from just north of Tokyo, in a place called Saitama.â€

    “I see, and how old are you?â€

    “I’m twenty five.â€

    “So, are you going to school here?â€

    “Yes, I’m in a computer college here in Los Angeles.â€

    “Why here and not in Japan?â€

    “Because I want to find a boyfriend here.â€

    “I would think that you would already have a boyfriend, Sachi, since you are very beautiful.â€

    “No, I would want a boyfriend like you.â€

    “But I am fifteen years older than you. Wouldn’t that bother you?â€

    “No, that would be fine for me.â€

    After he finished the massage, he released Sachi, took off the wrist restraints and helped her clean up all the equipment and restraints with an alcohol solution and white towels. Then the buzzer rang out from the intercom and the tickling session was over.

    “Thankyou,†said Sachi, as she gave Jonathan a hug.

    “Thankyou,†said Jonathan, as he hugged her and kissed her neck, “you are so beautiful and it was an honor for me to spend time with you.â€

    “By the way,†he said, as she had dressed herself and was about to leave the room, “could you just wait here for a minute.â€

    “Yes, of course, but the session is over.â€

    Jonathan went out and returned with Mistress English and Annie, another submissive, who waited by the door.

    “Sachi, come here please,†he said, as he sat down on the edge of a chair nearby.

    “Yes, Jonathan?â€

    “You know that I go to Japan quite often, and I have many connections there?â€

    “Yes?†she said, questioningly.

    “Would you like me to look up your parents, in Saitama prefecture, and tell them about your lack of manners now that you’re in America? Or perhaps take up the matter with some of your former teachers? Or perhaps even let it be known to some of the government officials I deal with?â€

    “No, please no! Don’t tell anyone!â€

    “What would you do to stop me from telling anyone in Japan about it?â€

    “Anything! Oh, God, please, I’ll do anything!â€

    “When you were little, what did your father do when you were a bad girl?â€

    “He would give me a spanking.â€

    “And your father’s not here right now, is he?â€

    “No, he’s in Japan.â€

    “Do you think he would give you a spanking if you failed to remove your shoes when you came into a room, or if you didn’t wash your feet?â€

    “Yes, when I was little.â€

    “Well, then, maybe I won’t need to tell anyone. Perhaps I’ll just give you a spanking in the same way that your father did. What do you think?â€

    “If you promise not to tell anyone, then okay. But why are they here?â€

    “Mistress English is going to sit on the other chair there and, using Annie, she’s going to teach me how to apply a proper spanking to a girl.â€

    “I see.â€

    “Now come here and lie down across my lap.â€

    As Sachi did so, Mistress English and Annie took up similar positions on the other chair. Jonathan lifted Sachi’s little blue skirt to reveal the soft, round cheeks of her young Japanese backside. He stroked his hand over the soft little globes.

    “Does your ass still hurt from the leather riding crop, Sachi?†he asked.

    “A little, especially when you rub it like that.â€

    “Oooooow,†cried Sachi, as he hit one of her ass cheeks, following the example of Mistress English on Annie nearby. Pretty soon the ass cheeks of both girls started to glow a crimson red as they tried to control their breathing and even their crying.

    The tears flowed down Sachi’s face as she received two hundred slaps on her ass with Jonathan’s bare hand. She tried to squirm and wiggle to ease the pain of each stroke as it landed on her ass, crying and squeezing her eyes shut, clenching her fists and flexing her toes, as the spanking continued.

    “There, you can get up now,†he said, as he saw Mistress English release Annie, “now I won’t need to tell your parents or anyone else.â€

    “Thankyou, Jonathan, I won’t do it again.â€

    “That’s good,†he said as he hugged her and kissed her again, “until next time, little one.â€

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