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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by f0ilman, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. f0ilman

    f0ilman New Member

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    I am a 29 year old virgin... never had sex before, the only sexual contact i have ever had is kissing a girl. This is partly due to the fact that im terrified of showing a girl my tiny penis and i have somewhat poor social skills. I have attached some photos to show just how tiny it really is. I could never bring myself to show a girl.

    I have a very stable job earning a 6 figure salary and my dream is to be the 24/7 live in slave of a dominant woman. I have known for a long time that i am very submissive. It started out with just a strong foot fetish when i was young but my desire to submit has grown stronger and stronger over time and i know i could commit long term to the lifestyle. She would keep me locked in a chastity belt to ensure my total obedience which would be very difficult for me because i have always masturbated alot, at least twice a day. She would make all descisions and i would have no say in anything. I would simply obey her every command. She would be free to go out and have sex with any guy she wants while i would remain a virgin and not even be able to masturbate without her permission. Hopefully she wouldnt make me wait too long between releases. She would not have to work, i would work hard for her and provide her a life of luxury while she would treat me like a dog, humiliating me, teasing me, whipping me and taking great enjoyment in my suffering. I know i wouldnt always enjoy it, but i would be very loyal.

    I am quite shy and live in new zealand and not sure how i would go about finding such a woman. Like i said i am quite shy, but i have alot of money. Im sure i would be a very eligible slave if only i could find her. One day i hope...

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  2. Anna2

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    Hi and welcome. I'm new here too. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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  3. Sally

    Sally Member

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    so cute and small. if I had been dominant, I would have liked to humiliate and punish you ;) I think you will find what you're looking for.
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  4. rooluvr

    rooluvr New Member

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    Hi, f0ilman, I know you have your heart set, but I would caution you from locking yourself into that kind of relationship without trying something more mundane first.

    Sure, your penis is smaller than average, and sure you may be embarrassed about it, but really, your penis is not the whole of you. You have a lot more to offer a partner than your penis, your money and your obedience. What about love? What about dinner and a movie, walks on the beach, cuddling up on the couch, a kiss? Sex is not the be-all and end-all of relationships and the penis is not the be-all and end-all of sex.

    If you're worried that you won't be able to please a woman, I wouldn't be so concerned. Did you know that very few women achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone? Very few men are able to make a woman climax in the way it's depicted in the movies. I have friends who never have penetrative intercourse at all, either for medical reasons or they just prefer not to.

    Besides which, I don't think sex is not really about orgasm at all. Sex is about achieving intimacy with someone you care about, who cares about you in the same way. Does the size of your penis matter in a relationship like that? No, not really.

    Dating can be scary, especially if you're an introvert like me, but there are plenty dating websites out there (try NZDating).

    Sure, you may ultimately end up in the kind of relationship you describe, but there's something to be said for getting out of your comfort zone and trying different things (like dinner and a movie).
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  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I agree with rooluvr. Try some less serious relationships (vanilla or SM, just not permanent, serious, 24/7, etc). Go on some dates, with or without sexual elements, and learn to get more comfortable with yourself and women. Social skills can be learned, and you need to work on your self confidence before you go into any serious relationships.

    I clarified to someone else and thought I'd add it in:
    I think you need experience that's more 'mundane' than a long term relationship before you start one
    Seeing as you seem to think women will make fun of you no matter what, your wanting to be in a 24/7 msub position seems almost defeatist

    Also an edit, but not related to what I said before, more information would help us a lot. What I said above doesn't mean you don't genuinely want this relationship, nor that you couldn't handle it, but we don't have the information to make that judgement. And I'm sure an fdomme would love a compliant slave like you, and, as has been said above, one she could humiliate, so I wouldn't worry about finding one. But given what little evidence we've been given, I think you should build social skills first.
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  6. AngelKaro

    AngelKaro New Member

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    so cute))))

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