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    My master loves anal sex and I'll be honest, I like it too!!

    The problem is, I'm terrified of it not being clean enough. So much so that I have trouble relaxing while we're doing it. Now master says that its not a big deal (its an anus after all, of course there's gonna be stuff in there) but thats not good enough for me!!

    Now, I've seem lots of conflicting opinions on douching/enemas. Some people are like "if you're gonna clean it out, thats the only way!" and others say "douching/enemas are bad for you cuz it removes natural bacteria and can damage the anus during sex"

    Whats a girl to do?! Obviously I dont want to damage myself, but I also want to be clean!! Any advice?
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    Enemas are not a bad idea for anal sex, though not mandatory. I'm never done enemas, and I've been fucked many times. On the other hand, having an "accident" during anal sex will really kill the mood (there's one guy I've never fucked a second time because the smell was so horrible).

    From what I've read, enemas are not a serious health risk as long as you don't use too much water, the water is luke warm, and you don't add anything (other than perhaps a little bit of salt). If you're worried about getting rid of good bacteria, eat yogurt for a few days after sex.
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    a bit of anatomy for your consideration. The colon is where the majority of your waste is held. When enough matter is present it continues down the sigmoid colon to the rectum. The rectum is about 8 inches long. It , the rectum, holds the matter (the fecal material or "shit" if you will). When you get the urge to "shit" it is because the material made its way through the colon. What all of that is saying is that if you don't feel like you have to take a shit, there is nothing in the rectum. The anus is really just the muscle that is sort of like a lid is to a bowl or a top to a bottle - it just prevents matter from leaking out. Nasty but true.
    Anyway - the concept of clean and dirty is often associated with the solid matter in your system, your shit. Basically if you do not feel the urge to shit, you have nothing in your rectum. Enema's clean you out because the fluid is pushed up into the colon. It normally does not have anything to do with that last 8 inches called the rectum.
    On the other hand, if an enema makes you less tense - it would be worth it. Excessive anything is bad for you, but an occasional enema is not going to cause you problems if you have an otherwise healthy digestive tract.
    Anatomy class is now done!

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