Doninating Master searching for a submissive female

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    I'm a 28 yr old dominating male looking for a submissive female. I'm a loving master but bare in mind that the path to my love is paved in harsh unrelenting * torture. *

    If you are not willing give up full control of your life to me. Don't apply here. Im going to have control from what you wear to who you fuck. The task I will give will be many. Be warned that I am strict and I will degrade you to mold you into my vision of perfection. *You will endure public humiliation, orgasm control,urine fetishes, and whatever I deem necessary. Punishment for disobedience will be mentally degrading and brutal.*

    Pet must be obedient, honest and loyal. If after all this you are still interested message me. I don't want one liners. Your message should include a small biography of you. Your past experiences, your age and your character traits and flaws. Leave your email and wait for my responds. I will not respond if I deem you unfit to be my pet.*

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