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Which describes your belief, and then practice?

  1. Females are superior, thus they should dom

  2. Males are superior, thus they should dom

  3. Females are superior, doesn't matter who doms

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  4. Males are superior, doesn't matter who doms

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  5. Both are equal, females dom

  6. Both are equal, males dom

  7. Both are equal, doesn't matter who doms

  1. nix

    nix Guest

    I'm curious: do people's dominance/submission preferences have anything to do with their ideals? I personally am a great believer in women as the superior sex, and I also like to be dominated by women.
    On the flipside, I also like to be dominated by men too... and if the other person wants, I can always play the dom (not too well though) for them regardless of sex.
    I think that its important for the female to wear the pants in a relationship, so to speak. What does everyone else think?
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    While I personally think females are the superior sex, and thus they dom with me, I know there are people of both genders who feel differently, and I don't hold it against anyone how they want to play as long as its between consenting adults.

  3. I do not believe in a superior sex. I know great Dominants of both sexes and while I personally prefer Dominating males (or other females) and thereby prefer the femdom genre, I do not believe that one sex is more naturally Dominant than the other.
  4. nix

    nix Guest

    I actually started this thread ages ago, and my personal ideals have changed since then... I'm now basically of the belief that we're all equal and that either should dom.
    It's actually a little embarrassing having my original post up their still. :p
  5. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

    Personally I think men are superior but the feminist side of me doesn't admit it often. Thus I voted equal and either should dom (i'd be fine with playing dom once in a whiule)
  6. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    Even though I have been and still am a sub, I also would love to try being master once in a while. To me it matters not the gender of the master, nor the sub.
  7. Jezebel

    Jezebel New Member

    I think, regardless of sex, some people,are dominant and others are submissive. And that's just peachy with Me.
  8. Smotherman

    Smotherman New Member

    Females are superior, thus they should dom:D
  9. egghead68dk

    egghead68dk New Member

    I think the genders have different generic aptitudes and that each gender has areas in which it is better than the other gender. I happen to believe that leadership is one of the areas where males are superior to females.
  10. littlegirl1111

    littlegirl1111 New Member

    males are superior to females. males are meant to be dominant and females are meant to serve their men.
  11. Masterslug

    Masterslug New Member

    I didn't vote because I believe that each individual feels either Dominant or submissive depending on who they are interacting with. I can't be a sub to a little 25 year old no matter how bitchy she is......I'd whip her ass.....but an older lady who wants me to get kinky has me by the balls and honestly she doesn't have to be older.......I just actually have to feel submissive to her. I've canceled sessions with Pro Dommes before because I just couldn't take them seriously. And I've had a hard time Dominating sub woman because all I could think about was them sitting on my face. Oh yeah....I'm a switch...LOL
  12. Gdanbo

    Gdanbo New Member

    i believe both genders are equal but i believe males are better at being dominant and so males should dominate and females be submissive. i'm a dominant male myself
  13. SkivvyNo.1

    SkivvyNo.1 New Member

    in the bedroom I like to take charge. But in every other aspect I'm a complete and utter sub. Man, what an internal conflict!

    Loving the battle of the sexes poll though.

  14. It doesn't matter really. Although we prefer it when the Master Of Puppies is in charge of me, we did swap roles once, and both enjoyed it enough to want to try it again sometime. I, personally, think that who takes on which role depends on the nature and the personality of the individuals concerned.

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