dominant man looking for submissive woman to be my little sex slave

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    I am a twenty year old man living in medford, OR. I am a master looking for a slave. I'm not a big fan of shit, piss, or blood fetishes. What I like is a submissive woman who isn't afraid of getting smacked around if she disobeys a direct order. What you look like will not play a huge role in my selection process. Just as long as you have big tits and a nice ass. I do not like slaves who talk back. EVER.

    A webcam is not required for me to see what you look like. Pictures will suffice. This is going to be an offline relationship. I would actually have you move in with me and live with me as my slave.You must be 100% willing to commit to everything I choose to do to you. You don't have a choice in the matter.You should "like" being dominated completely, used and abused. You should like being my little plaything. You should also like to have lots and lots of sex. You should like having to swallow my cum, getting fucked hard in the ass, and taking a harder pounding in your pussy. You should also like doing chores around my house. I'll be watching you. And if you need to be punished then I will punish you. I am excepting beginners and would prefer a younger woman with little experience. That way I'll get to break you in. But I would also be interested in older more experienced women too. It would also be a plus if the slave had some intelligence too. You would have to sign a contract.

    I am currently still acquiring my arsenal of "weapon" so at the moment it would only be twenty four hour dominant submissive routine. I do not have a webcam of my own. I am currently in the process of getting my pictures onto the computer. Like I said before this will be a long term relationship, offline. In the real world, outside of the internet. Only reply if your willing to give me COMPLETE control over EVERYTHING that you do.

    I plan on turning my slave into what you could call a sex slave wife. She would cook me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Perform all wifely duties. yet at the same time submit completely to my will. I will use my slave whenever I want wherever I want. And soon once I can get my tools I will spend one or two hours a day playing with my slave. There is no certain age criteria. But younger is better. I am looking for a female slave. And remember I will be in control of everything that you do, eating, sleeping, using the restroom, permission to speak, etc, etc.

    In your first email I would like to know what draws you to the idea of being my sex slave. And I am also expecting several pics including nude pics.

    You can contact me at [email protected]
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