Dominant male seeking slave for a 24/7 Master/slave relationship under true love

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by Death, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Dominant male seeking slave girl for a 24/7 Master/slave relationship under true love

    I started this thread as far back as in the beginning of 2009, now, but I have not yet had the fortune to find the one for me... I hope my patience will prove to have been of an immeasurable value, in a near future. I am male, by now having reached the age of thirty-one, Swedish, and obsessed with sex down to a religious view of it, and am in search for a 24/7 Master/slave relationship under true love. I am also obsessed with virginity. Virginity means everything to me; due to this, I am still a complete virgin as I absolutely have to save it for my future true love and slave, who also would have to be a complete virgin. Would I ever lose my virginity to the wrong person, I absolutely would have to kill myself, as everything would be over, then, for when two true loves lose their virginities to each other, their souls become one and they will be together in death, in perfection, for eternity. If one would lose one's virginity to the wrong person, one would have to try again, for greater fortune, in another life. I also have an obsession with suicide and death. Once I've found my true love, we will, with time, take our lives, together, as she, especially, but also I, could never become old. My slave would have to be much younger than me, as well..... youth and beauty is endlessly important, both for me and her. It is definitely not just because of that, though; the life after "death" is so much better than that in the present life, although she and I would still want to spend our time together in this life, as well, so we would be unlikely to kill ourselves before after a few years of time, together, in this world.

    ...Oh yeah, I do have some other interests, too. ^_^ Especially anime, but also photography, the paranormal, trance music, Asian horror movies and videogames; especially horror games and bishôjo games. I also love the Mario Party games. By the way, I look extremely good. :p I also age very well... thank god for that. >_> It's a shame that looks have to be so important, but most of us know they are. :/ I always feel for those who do not look good (unless they deserve to be ugly, and as crappy as most people are, most do). When someone finds an interest in me, I will provide photos of myself within some time. Hmm, by the way, my future girl will have to speak English with me. Once she moves to Sweden with me, she cannot learn Swedish. I'll take care of her, anyway. :) If it wasn't obvious enough, by the way, when I talked about us having a suicide pact, together, we naturally, absolutely will NOT get children. Children have no place in a relationship under true love.

    As for my sexual interests.... as I said, I am a future Master, and although it is not my wish to hurt my slave and true love, I would not hesitate if needed. Normally, a simple spanking would do, but I am very creative and could come up with many things that wouldn't harm you, but would make you cry and beg for forgiveness, although generally, I would much prefer to merely push you to the floor, or similar, to make you realize your place in a rather simple manner, as I find that seeing you cry is more suited as faked during play rape, and similar roleplaying. I am also obsessed with cum, pissing and blood. Filling my slave up with my saved up as well as fresh cum in every cavity, and covering her up with it, is something I so dream of doing. Isn't it a shame that guys come so little? If only I could come so much that I would fill her up to the brink. At least I can take a piss inside of her, though.... especially inside her pretty ass that could keep my piss inside more easily. I would also make her drink my piss frequently, and I would expect her to love it, yearn for it and beg me to do it to her. Blood would be so much fun, too.... I could take some of her blood and cover her in it in cutting patterns, and then violently fuck her during play rape... maybe after having taken a piss on her, first. Much else could be done with our blood, too, like making blood pancakes of each other's blood, with us eating the pancakes with the other's blood, with some nice, homemade lingonberry jam. :) Serving her food with my cum in it would be so fun and romantic, too....

    While I indeed am confident with myself, and need a girl that would be prepared to completely submit to me, I, at the same time, do not necessarily want you to just say yes about everything. A bit of a challenge just makes everything so much more satisfying, but you will always have to respect me, allow yourself to be lectured, and realize that in the end, my view always holds the strongest value. I may also sound mean, in some ways, and I actually am a bit mean, to a degree, but that doesn't mean I don't want to take care of you in anything but the best way, and make you happy. Your happiness is endlessly important; without your happiness, mine cannot even exist. Lastly... that is, aside from the additions I have made after this, like what I said in a rather angry post, due to something really bitter that recently had happened, when I wrote it - aside from that... if you are childish, that is something I would just love.... childishness in a girl is just too adorable.... so please, if you even are childish, but feel too shy to reply, just... do it anyway, okay? I am a very patient person, so shyness of yours is not something you'd have to worry about.

    It's pretty remarkable that anyone could match my "craziness" and "perversion", but I know that somewhere out there, a girl exists who is written in fate to be my obedient little slave and my precious little girl. The question is only who you are....

    If you believe you match my views, e-mail me at, so we can talk a bit more.
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  2. Death

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    Despite my "update", before, I now understand that this thread indeed was needed all along. I can only hope that some great person didn't disregard what I have written, in this thread, after reading my erroneous update.

    (Note: This post was made during a period of problems that I was experiencing. The "update" in question was removed after a change in the situation.)
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    This sounds interesting.
  5. davida50000

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    Wish u wanted a male lolz
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  6. Death

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    Still haven't found her, unfortunately. :/

    To understand my personality even more, be sure to read my other posts on this forum.
  7. Death

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  8. Death

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    Sigh. -_-; Time to bump this again.

    Yeah, don't bother contacting me unless you're serious about this. This isn't just some sudden, temporary interest that I have gotten; this is something that is necessary for me to be happy. And it's meant to be necessary in that way, for you as a slave, too; what's the point of it if both don't properly enjoy it?

    By the way, I hate tattoos. If you're going to keep whining about wanting tattoos then I'd rather just not hear from you at all. I have had past experience with that and I don't want to have to deal with it again when there already are countless other things I have to keep in mind, as a Master.

    Looking forward to your reply.... still the same e-mail: Just e-mail me if you feel you are compatible, and we can talk further.
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    Bumping time yet again, apparently. :l
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    Anyone else who finds this picture to somehow, I don't even know why, but that it, in some way, kind of is cute? It even gives me warm feelings. (To spark the interest of those who aren't logged in, and don't see a thumbnail of it, it's a manga drawing of a girl cutting her throat with a pair of scissors.)

    Just a testament to why some may find it reasonable to view me as a "fucked up" person. Thank god for being the way I am, too... rather lonely the rest of my life than "normal".

    (Edit: Removed the image, as I've changed mind on it being "cute"... heh..)
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  11. Death

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    What a failure this thread has been.

    Am I really that unusual? I didn't even tell everything in this thread so really, I'm even more unusual than it seems when you read what I've said in this thread. Never compatible with anyone. Always out of place. Yes, even on this forum... I keep some parts to myself, even here. I prefer not being hated, everywhere.

    Maybe you don't even exist? Not in this life, anyway. Maybe I'm talking to myself, here... and thinking about this by myself. Just a few years left to find out, now...
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  12. principessa

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    oh come on don t treat urself so bad...she will appear and if not here somewhere else just go outside and seek...she doesn t has 2 b in the SM area at all (if u want her virgin lol)but u will teach her how 2 behave step by step lil by lil ...don t desperate...she is out there:)
  13. Death

    Death Member

    Eh, thought someone had posted their interest. :B Oh well... but thanks for the nice words. I'm not really desperate, though... I've started to kind of feel okay with the thought of dying alone... I could always try again in another life... doesn't have to be this life, I guess. I'm not really being hard to myself, either, though.... I'm just so bitter.... so fed up with this shitty world. -_-;

    I know, she definitely doesn't have to be into BDSM to start with... just "compatible enough" would work well, too. Whoever I'd find a serious interest in would agree with me, sooner or later.
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  14. Death

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    I found a girl I thought was the right one but I'm available, again, now. And nothing said above has changed.

    Do you hate people that are unfaithful as much as I do? Do you think humanity is an entirely flawed species that you are not even a part of? Do you agree with what I have written before in this thread? Then e-mail me. However, I'm a person full of hate, by now, and trust is not something I will show easily.

    EDIT: I want to add that it is a huge bonus if you are what others would call "paranoid". For instance, if you find it perfectly reasonable to search for hidden miniature cameras in areas where you have to undress, and if you avoid windows when you've undressed in case someone has a camera with a superzoom lens and polarizing filter (removes reflections on shiny surfaces such as windows), directed towards the window where you could be seen naked. So don't think I would consider you to be silly, because I would entirely agree with that way of acting.
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  15. Death

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    Då min tråd har hamnat utanför förstasidan så får jag väl skriva något, här, igen... borde nog inte riskera att den missas på grund av det. Hmm, nog finns det väl ändå någon flicka som blivit intresserad efter att ha läst vad jag skrivit? Eller kommer att bli det... fast oavsett vilket vet jag ju dock i allra högsta grad att jag kommer att hitta dig; frågan är bara vem du nu är. :) Men jag fortsätter att vänta tills jag hittar just dig; min endaste flicka, min sanna kärlek och underbara, vackra slav.

    (This should not be seen as that I have changed my mind on you not learning Swedish... I haven't. Just my way of bumping my thread in a somewhat more interesting manner...)
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