"Dominant Females in Control"

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    "Dominant Females in Control" is a new Femdom novel by Dr Jane Foxx that I've just finished editing and publishing.

    I hope you enjoy this extract from it:


    Jack Cass woke in a confused state on a strange cot in a darkened, windowless room. He was naked, under two blankets, except for the damned chastity tube, of course. The smothering contraption still clung to his crotch like a tenacious leach. Three times during the previous night, Jack recalled being jarred awake by localized twinges between his thighs. The pain each time was caused during spontaneous erections every male usually experiences during the course of any given night.

    There just was not enough room in the chastity tube for Jack’s penis to erect as it normally would. It was like trying to flex a working muscle inside a teacup. It just did not work, at all. The resulting forces were instantly unsettling for Jack. Sporadic, painful pressures were a constant reminder of his overriding problem in being forced to wear such a confining device. At such critical moments in previous days, he remembered Lola Love had provided him with ice cubes. The cold compress had helped to ease the agony of bearing up under his restrictive chastity tube. Even so, in spite of the ice, Jack had been forced to ‘suck up’ the herky-jerky, personal traumas forced upon his besieged emotions. He knew it would be a sobering experience for any man to endure.

    But now, in his present circumstance, there was no ice available to help Jack through his continuing dilemma. Each time he began to erect, Jack could only gnash his teeth and grimace until the moment passed. At such times, he could almost hear the mocking laughter of Nancy Hotchkiss as thoughts of her echoed in his anguished mind.

    To distract himself, Jack tried to study his obscure surroundings in the semi-dark of the strange room he had found himself in. Where the hell was he, anyway?

    Gradually, as his eyes adjusted to the gloom, Jack saw a nearby toilet bowl, a washbasin, and a shower stall, near his simple cot. That was good. Jack needed to urinate. He also wanted brush his teeth and take a shower, if possible. After that, Jack certainly would want to eat something. Then, he would try to figure out where the hell he was, and what had happened to bring him here. He was unable to remember much of anything since Nancy had jabbed him with that damned needle.

    Suddenly, without warning, a set of overhead, fluorescent lights went on in the room, and Jack was surprised to hear a pleasant female voice on a speaker system. It said, “We’re awake now, I see. How nice!”

    Jack knew the words did NOT come from Nancy, or Lola Love, and he speculated about who the unknown female was. More importantly, he wanted to know WHERE he was!

    “Who are you? Where am I? What am I doing here?” Jack shouted the type of questions anyone in a strange situation would want answered.

    Completely disregarding Jack’s inquiries, the pleasant female voice continued, “You can get up now! Use the toilet! Take a shower! There are soap and towels provided. There’s also fruit on the table for your breakfast. You have thirty minutes to complete this task.”

    At the end of the abrupt announcement, there was an audible click, and Jack knew it was useless to attempt any further communication. The speaker had been turned off.

    Because of his chastity tube, a disgruntled Jack peed while sitting on the toilet seat. It was easier than standing, but he felt embarrassed, and rather unmanly about it. Jack usually just whipped out his penis, and let fly, -- but not anymore, -- not since Nancy had fitted him with the damned chastity tube.

    While he sat there, Jack studied the room he was in. The ceiling was about nine feet high, and he estimated, 10 by 12 feet along the walls. He saw there was a small television camera mounted up there on a swivel, way above his head. Evidently, someone could watch him even as he sat on the toilet. How disconcerting, Jack thought.

    The real estate executive noted the single door to the room was heavy steel, and had a peephole at eye level. The walls to the room were all gray cinder block. There was no window, nor any visible means of escape. -- On reflection, Jack thought the room looked like the kind in a doctor’s office used for medical check ups. In addition to his cot, the room was complete with an examination table, a locked wall cabinet, a goose-necked lamp, a stool, and a couple of chairs.

    What the hell did all this mean, Jack wondered? He was not pregnant, and he certainly did not want to be examined by anyone! He wanted out of that room, and as soon as possible!

    After showering and drying off, Jack wrapped his blankets around himself, and sat on his cot to eat the provided fruit. He could not wait to ask a thousand questions of whoever was holding him. He felt like a prisoner.

    Jack had no recollection of how he had gotten in the room. His memory of yesterday was very foggy, and he wondered where Nancy and Lola Love were at that moment.

    About thirty more minutes elapsed before Jack heard someone fiddling with the lock on the outside of the steel door. As it opened, he was on his feet ready to confront whoever was out there. Jack felt indignantly aggressive.

    However, into the open doorway, a large Doberman pinscher suddenly confronted Jack. The presence of the dog was a shocking surprise, and the real estate man reacted by staggering backward into the room toward his cot.

    Behind the dog, a smiling, young woman appeared. She was dressed in white, with a frilly blouse, tight jeans, pumps, and a pale blue neck scarf at her throat. She was carrying a glass of water. To Jack, the young woman looked pure virginal, -- but it was the dog that held his riveted attention.

    “Emma! Sit!” The woman in white commanded softly, and the beast became a calm, but alert sentinel at her side.

    “Who are you? What is this place?” Jack asked the young woman in white. “Why am I here?”
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    “Calm yourself, Mr. Cass,†She replied in that soft, sweet, controlled voice of hers. “All your questions will be answered in due course. Have a sip of water, and try to relax!â€

    When Jack Cass continued asking more rapid-fire questions, the young woman suddenly dashed the entire glass of water into his bewildered face!

    “There!†The woman in white smiled. “That should calm you down, Mr. Cass. Do you feel better now?â€

    A startled Jack Cass wiped at the water dripping from his face. He studied the smiling, unruffled countenance of Jessica Hobbs, and wondered what he should do. She had skillfully immobilized him for the moment. With another smile, the young woman in white handed the real estate executive a towel to dry his face. Jack thought for a moment about physically challenging her, -- but another look at the dangerous-looking dog next to her side quickly dispelled that foolish notion.

    “In case you’re wondering about Emma,†Jessica smiled, “be certain, if you cause any difficulties while you’re here, Mr. Cass, the dog will come to my immediate aid! So, to avoid any unpleasantness, just do as you’re told, please, and we’ll all get along wonderfully well.â€

    Evidently, this is what Jessica meant when she spoke to Phil Cass earlier that same morning about ‘her duties’. She was busy conducting them in the depths of the dark house on Mulberry Street.

    “Could I have a cup of coffee?†Jack asked politely, as he tried to collect his confused thoughts. “I mean, coffee to drink.â€

    “MAY I have some coffee, you mean!†The woman in white corrected.

    “Okay! May I have some coffee?†An exasperated Jack asked as civilly as possible.

    “No!†Jessica replied. “There’ll be no stimulants for you, Mr. Cass! We have business to take care of.â€

    “Business? What business?†Jack inquired. “Who are you? Why am I here?â€

    “MORE questions?†The woman in white smiled tolerantly. “I can tell you this, Mr. Cass, -- you’re here to see the Lady KAT. My name is Mistress Jessica, -- I will be your personal counselor while you’re here. Listen closely to everything I tell you to do. The Lady KAT will be here soon, and, if you’re cooperative, she’ll remove your chastity tube. That’s one of the reasons you’ve been brought here.â€

    “I don’t understand!†Jack Cass responded. “What’s this all about? Where is my wife?â€

    “Be quiet, and just listen,†Jessica modulated softly. “You’d best prepare yourself to meet the Lady KAT.â€

    “Prepare for what?†Jack Cass repeated.

    “Try to speak softly,†Jessica cautioned. “KAT doesn’t like abrupt, noisy sounds, -- unless she creates them herself. All of your questions will be answered soon enough. I can tell you, you’re going to be interrogated! Afterward, the Lady KAT will decide what schooling you’ll need to undergo. It would be best if you answered carefully, and don’t speak, unless she asks specific questions. Short, concise answers are best while you’re here under training.â€

    “Training? What training?†Jack Cass asked. “What are you talking about?â€

    “Slave training, of course,†Jessica replied.

    “Slave training?†A mystified Jack Cass questioned.

    “Yes, -- and while you’re being taught how to perform, we will dispense with formalities. I will no longer refer to you as Mr. Cass. From now on, you’ll simply be known to me as Jackie-poo! I think that will be more perfectly appropriate in your case!â€

    “Jackie-poo?†The real estate executive mouthed the name in a soft murmur. He remembered when Lola Love had used the same title for him during their extended time of cunnilingus together in the tropics. Was this merely a coincidence? Yes, Jack decided, it must be! The real estate executive wanted to ask several questions, but he quieted to hear more of what the young woman in white had to tell him.

    Reading from a clipboard, Jessica Hobbs announced, “You’ve been sent here by your wife in order to undergo behavior modification and slave training, which, of course, includes sexual reorientation.â€

    “What? Would you repeat that?†Jack asked in utter confusion.

    “No, Jackie-poo,†Jessica replied with a smirk. “I don’t think that’s necessary. You heard correctly!â€

    “Just what does ‘sexual reorientation’ mean?†Jack asked.

    “It will all become very clear to you as we go along,†Jessica smiled. “Your wife paid to have these services administered.â€

    “Services? My wife is responsible for my being here?†Jack asked disbelievingly.

    “No! That’s not exactly true, Jackie-poo! Actually,†Jessica answered, “each male is responsible for his own ultimate fate in life. Your errors in judgment are what brought you here to this training facility. Don’t try to blame your faults on an innocent, well-meaning female. What a ridiculous statement for you to make! -- Hush, now! Here comes the Lady KAT! Be on your best behavior!â€

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    Interesting, I would love to see more, if you are willing.

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