Dominant female/couple seeking submissive female roleplay pet *details inside*

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    Do you want an experience that goes beyond dirty little messages and written fantasies, and something that could develop into a friendship?

    You do? Great! :) My boyfriend and I are searching for a female that will be our roleplay pet.

    We wil NEVER go overbored; we will respect your limits, and all we ask is that you respect our limits.

    Once you become our pet, you will be treated as family, not as a sex toy.

    We want the girl involved to have a fun and rewarding experience roleplaying with us. We are a VERY nice couple, we will not judge you or force you to do anything against your will.

    However, we do have some terms to cover:

    *Do not be rude- We will not tolerate it; we are going to show respect to you, so we deserve that same respect.

    *Nude pics- We will NEVER ask for them; this is about respect. You may send clothed pics if you want to, and later on, if you want, nudes. We will never ask, or even pressure you, into sending one.

    *No secrets, deception, etc- We all want to have a good time, as well as a good relationship outside of the rp. We ask that you don't plot to decieve the other, or keep a secret with one but not the other.
    It is best to keep everything open between us. As a couple, my boyfriend and I are not going to keep secrets from each other about you.

    You may be playing the role as a pet, but that does not mean we will treat you less than human. Any pet of ours is treated as a friend and equal.

    We require you to fill out this application, nothing too hard:

    *Why do you want to be a Pet? (Don't put vague responses such as "because I'm horny", we KNOW you are, but be thoughtful in your response here. What would you want in the long-term?)

    *What do you want out of this roleplay? (Again, use a thoughtful response.)

    *What is your RPing history? (Only tell us what you want to, this will not affect your chances of being chosen, this is to get some background info on you.)

    *A little bit about you: (Again, whatever you feel like sharing with us and it will not affect your chances of being chosen. This is so we have an idea of who we are talking to behind the computer screen.)

    *What does it mean to you to be someone's Pet? (Be honest here. This is where you put how you feel PERSONALLY about the matter.)

    *Where can we contact you if you're chosen?: (A skype username, kik, email, anything.)

    We also require a Character Profile:

    Name: (What you want to be called)


    Species: (Are you Human, Alien, Vampire, AI, etc?)



    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:


    Bio: (Be creative, make your character interesting)

    *PLEASE EMAIL APPS AND PROFILES TO: [email protected]
    Put in the Subject Line "Pet".

    We prefer the age range from 18-25 but will review all applications and profiles.

    We are only choosing one.

    *Commitment- Once you are chosen, don't feel as if you have to remain our pet. If your experience is not what you expected, or something you don't want, don't hesitate to tell us.


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