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    Hey, im an extremely attractive man in my 20's, I am looking for a dom master who will be able to teach me a lesson I will never forget. I enjoy being brutally anal raped (by 1 or more men) I enjoy being forced to drink piss and eat shit, I also like to get punched and kicked until I cant move. So the bigger you are the better. I dont want any pussies or losers who will back out.. you have to be very agressive and have a strong perverted side like me.

    I also like to be handcuffed and driver to remote locations then thrown out in the dark so I dont know where I am (if you prefer me naked thats cool) Then we can talk about what happened when I get home and laugh hah ahaha.

    I love to get drunk and when I am so drunk I cant stand then you will have COMPLETE control over me, I have a hot little ass thats just waiting to get violated. :)

    message me if your serious, no time for time wasters.

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