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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Knightshade, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Knightshade

    Knightshade New Member

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    This is really hard for me to write and would expect others in the lifestyle to be understanding and compassionate.

    I am a married Dom with my wife being my sub. We had been building a very good relationship for the last 4 years and had recently decided to push things further into a Daddy / Little girl relationship. Things were going good as we were laying out the ground work for our new relationship while maintaining our current lifestyle.

    Then we recently had some life changes in the house and things got slightly hectic and we wound up falling out of our roles. Well more to say, I fell out of my role. what happened is my Wife found a girl and she took her in as her sub. I agreed to this not knowing the extent of how bad I was. I just thought I was backing off because I did not want to scare her new sub and wanted to give her a chance to establish her dominance over her. Only to realize when it was too late that I was not in a good place.

    Now we cant go back to where we were before and I don't know how to push forward.

    My wife is being very supportive and wants to please me but I don't know what to do. I'm depressed, I just don't feel dominant any more. I don't know how to try and re-establish our relation ship while there is at the same time a relationship forming with her and her sub.

    I am just lost and am looking for some help. If any one has ever experience anything similar or have any good advice please help.
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  2. LupinePredator

    LupinePredator New Member

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    Hi, Knightshade...

    I haven't had this experience in real life, however, I have had it in an online relationship.

    I'm in an online Dom role with the Sub of my dreams. Our relationship consists of cyber, phone, and voice IM (more on the voice IM in a moment). It's an immensely satisfying and safe relationship for both of us.

    A while back, my Sub met a woman who became a sub to her. This was, to me, an extremely erotic idea. They have ended up moving in with each other, and through a series of online encounters, they are now both my Subs, with one girl also being a sub to my original online sub. We frequently go into voice IM, and have had some amazing encoutners there...

    My point is this, I guess... Is there a way for you to incorporate this new person into the entire scenario with your wife? It's quite pleasant to be a Dom to a woman who is, at the same time, being a Domme to another woman. The possibilities become almost endless...

    I would just relax, try to let things fall into a natural kind of rhythm for the three of you...

    I hope this is some help...
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