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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by TwistedSister, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. TwistedSister

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    I am really curious about how this community feels about Doms who earn less than their subs/slaves. I would like to know how y'all think about this. Is it something that may interfere? Can interfere? Does interfere?
    If a sub has more income than the Dom, where do the financial considerations com into play? It had fascinated me since I was told by another sub, that she would NEVER have a Dom who earned less than she. I think it is BS (although I welcome comments sharing that opinion). Although I do think it is BS, it can be difficult when the Dom is a bit more loose with money than the one who earns more. I think this would effect hetero and homosexual couples both. I welcome all thoughts! Please let me know what you think.:)
  2. L8NightQ

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    Hard to answer this one twisted.

    I think you'll find that there are just as many who feel it doesn't matter, as you will those that do.

    More later.
  3. Div

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    I earn less than my sub at the present time and it hasn't been a problem. That said, I have more money, and am generally more financially stable for the time being. Really, I hadn't thought about it within the scope of our d/s relationship. I suppose there are connotations based around who pays for what and when, I just hadn't thought about it. When I first met her, I didn't know about her submissive side, and now thinking about it, it's possible that we might not have made it as far as we have if I hadn't been the more financially stable one. There's a certain amount of power that comes from having money, and I guess power equates to dominance. So I could see how someone with a need to be submissive could be less attracted to someone with less money. I don't think it would be or should be a stopping point, though. If I were to get into a situation where I had less money than her, I would expect her to stick around. The way I see it, it should only be a problem to the entry of a new relationship, not in one that is already going.
  4. princedorian

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    I earn more than my Master, but we do not live together, so the situation is different. Sometimes though, when we go somewhere and we e.g. stay at the hotel, we share a bill. To avoid any possibility of awkward situation, we simply incorporate me paying my part in the play. I am his slave, his property, "with everything I own ", so he simply "demands the money" and I give it to him like a dog would fetch a morning paper. He can be broke and I don't care as long as I am a willing slave to Him. Things would be more problematic if we lived together, I guess
  5. kittengrey

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    It really depends on the situation.
    If you're in a 24/7 lifestyle living together where the relationship is mainly s&m without romance, then it would probably have more chance of interfering than if the couple was in a romantic relationship. If they partners live apart from each other, it has a very low chance of interfering since they are both supporting their own lives.
    I'm married to my master and have no job, and there is no fuck way I'd be able to make more then him even if I did get a job unless I somehow landed into a professional entertainer career (my husband's an IT tech, so he makes a decent salary). For me in this situation, I feel more submissive because I am dependent on him completely, and there is also no option for me to leave right now because I don't have the money to support myself. (Though, if I did want to leave he said he'd help me any way he could to make sure I was financially sound since he loves me.)
  6. TwistedSister

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    Hey thanks for all the comments. I actually am NOT in a 24/7 relationship. I do as another says and incorporate it into the play. It causes me just a little concerns sometimes only because I don't want Him feeling badly. I am learning that he does not feel bad, nor do I feel taken advantage of ... interesting since most of my vanilla friends, I suspect, would feel quite the opposite.

    In any regard, thanks for the opinions and please chime in if you have a difering thought. Good Days.

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