Do you ever use a leash in public?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Protoman2050, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Do you ever use a leash in public? I would, if only because the fact my Asperger's makes hand-holding uncomfortable for me. It'll make me feel like she's always close to me, and that I own her heart. And hopefully make her feel safe and protected. And just look ultra-cool. And I can gently-but-firmly tug on it when she disobeys me. And prevent her from getting abducted. Yeah, my Mom using one of those toddler leashes on me when I was little kinda screwed me up, lol.

    As long as I don't end up getting excited, walk too fast, and end up dragging her behind me.

    Which means I get to spend time designing a slave collar, which will be very ornate and pretty, black leather embroidered with gold and silver thread, accented with rubies (my birthstone) and diamonds. With a pretty red heart tag (with a locket containing our photos) inscribed with our names and our joint motto (along with "if I'm lost, please call my Master at [my number]), plus a ring to accept a leash.

    The world's most expensive and gaudy slave collar, probably. :) I bet the jewelery designer I go to will look at me all funny.

    If in the unfortunate and tragic event of a slave pre-deceasing her Master, is she buried with her collar, does the Master wear her collar, or does He store her collar in a special place?

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    That's beautiful, but so sad. :(
    I haven't used a leash on OLP in public yet, but we do plan on going 'walkies' up the mountain
    and picnic areas when [if] the weather gets better. :)
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    "Beautiful but so sad"? What makes you think that? I have difficulty discerning emotions in writing, especially my own.

    It'd be really weird if, when Me and my slave have a kid, and we're walking in the mall, and I'm holding her leash in My hand, and O/our kid's safety leash is in her belt loop. That'd make for an interesting photo! Wonder what the bystanders would think? Attack of the crazy leash people! Now, how would I explain why mommy is on a leash like theirs to O/our kid?
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    Careful, don't get the kid involved, people will call social services without bothering to find out what the deal is.
    They will just assume it's some kind of abuse.
    It's the only real proplem with public leashing. is the assumptions people will make about it.
    I'm sure that you will get harangued by some well meaning feminist, just having your sub on a leash never mind getting a kid involved.

    I'm sure you can find a jewlery desinger in cali. that not only understands what you want but will love to make it. Maybe has already made a couple.

    The beautiful part is the love and care that such a thing as a nice coller means -
    The sad part is the loss of your loved one and sub.
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    So I can have my kid on a safety harness so s/he won't run away or get lost, and no-one bats and eye, but if I do the same thing with my slave so she can feel secure and safe, it's abuse?

    Yeah, I wouldn't get the kid involved. But my parents put me on a leash (not now, obviously! Don't you hate the words where past and present tense are the same?), and no-one called CPS on us.

    Wouldn't it be abuse if I was dragging her along against her will, not walking happily together, chatting and having fun together.

    I once had CPS called on me by an unknown neighbor who said I was a "mentally disabled" child being left alone. Luckily, my Dad was there, and when the policeman and detective came, they took one look at me and my room, and said "We're so sorry, we made a horrible mistake".

    Then again, my Mom accidently left me at LAX at night, but that's different. I was the only one who remained calm through the entire incident.

    My Mom is listening to a youtube that reads EVERY SINGLE LINE of the US health care plan...this is so annoying.

    And, the best thing about having my slave on a leash is, if she ever decides to spend inordinate amounts of time shopping for clothes and shoes and wants to drag me along to the torture chamber that is Bed Bath and Beyond, I could keep gently tugging it with more and more force, indicating that I'd like to go.

    Beats me whining and complaining...I doubt she wants to listen to my raspy, gritty voice whine.

    "Come on kitten, W/we've been comparison shopping for a bath towel set ALL day. Why can't W/we do this online?" "Master, You know You can't test the feeling and softness over the phone lines. Come on, just one more shop." "You said that five shops ago! All the prices are the same! Same colors, patterns, everything is the same!" "But i like this salesman, Master. He's very knowledgable. Don't You know the value of a good salesman?" "It's a freaking BATH TOWEL SET, not a car!" "Master, You obviously don't know how intricate a bath towel set can be. I mean, there's different types of thread count, different fabrics, different weaving styles..." "Kitten, listen, I'm making a new order." "Yes, Master?" "Do not drag me along to help you shop for home decorating goods. That is your domain, not Mine. It's even worse when you ask Me for My advice, and expect some sort of intellectual discussion on the merits of floral silk pattern vs plain cotton terry. Do you honestly think I am capable of getting into that sort of debate?"

    And I really hope My life doesn't become a kinky version of "Everyone Loves Raymond". My Mom acting like Marie Barone would be my ultimate nightmare.
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    When I accompany the Mistress shopping,I have one purpose and one purpose only.
    to carry shit.
    She dose not get into debates or discussions about what she is buying with unless it's something that will have a big impact on our budget, then we definalty discuss it like equals.
    but I truly appreciate not being involved with the majority of day to day purchases except to carry them to the car.

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    Here's the problem I have with all these things you've been saying... you've said you had some sort of head trauma, amongst other things, that left you with permanant damage... before you can properly care for a slave, you need to make sure YOU are alright enough and capable enough to be completely responsible for another person. Also, and this is just my opinon so take it as you will, a responsible Master/Mistress knows first hand what they are inflicting on their slave. Do you plan on whipping your slave? Spanking even? Bondage? YOU need to experience having these things done to you BEFORE you do them to someone else! Do YOU know how it feels to be whipped? spanked (in a BDSM way)? Do you know how it feels to be chained? Tied down? Even to wear a collar for an extended period of time.. to feel that pressure around your neck constantly? You say you want to lead her on a leash... have you ever been led on a leash publically in the way you are talking of doing to her? YOU need to experience what you plan for her BEFORE you implement it... if you don't, you have no idea what exactly you are implementing!

    And just something that has really been bothering me..... Why are you so concerned about what to do if your slave passes away? Is she ill? Why are you thinking along those lines?
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    Well, Mistress, I've learned to deal with my head trauma (it's practically unnoticable to most was over two decades ago when I was born). I can most certainly take care of myself, I'll be going off to university in the UK hopefully next year. My head trauma mostly affects fine motor skills and makes me say things I should keep to myself. So I can't do needlework and sometimes I make people look at me funny. Most think I'm eccentric and charming.

    I have often tied myself up or slapped myself hard before while bored, and while it feels good to me, I wouldn't dare try anything without making very sure the other party is okay with it, and makes sure to tell me if I'm doing anything unwelcome.

    And I have had my friend lead me around on a makeshift leash before (he got a little freaked out, but we laughed), and it felt really great to me. But it might not to others. So I'll make sure I ask.

    The only reason I'm worried about my slave dying (don't have one yet, though, so this is just intellectual), is because, well, wouldn't you worry about someone you love dying? I just like to have thought experiments. I need to stop watching Lifetime Movie Network, lol. It's sentimentality is starting affect me.

    I'd probably would need an experienced submissive who's looking to settle down for a long-term relationship. That's why we have the Internet and meeting places.
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