Do I Deserve to be Punished ?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Tawsedpaws, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Tawsedpaws

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    As you can see,I joined this forum in June 2008 and have now only made my first posting.
    I confess to joining up and forgetting about it and only tonight when I was browsing in another group that I`m on did I come across the link to here and realised i was a member.
    Should I be punished for this ? if so what do i deserve and how can I make up for this dreadful omission?:rolleyes:
  2. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    How dare you?! Until such time as you feel a thorough and sufficient penance has been done, you will begin each day with a recitation of your lamentations for having missed 18 months of the amazing information and delightfully kinky people on this website. In lieu of that, posting on a semi-regular basis would be acceptable.

    Govern yourself accordingly.

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    Hi Tawsedpaws, welcome :)

    As Grey said, just start posting, as regularly as you can, and you will get to know us better, and hopefully let us get to know you better too :)
  4. Tawsedpaws

    Tawsedpaws New Member

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    Thank you Grey Mac and OLP for the welcome.
    My posting was a little tongue in cheek,but you know how it is,you browse through different sites to try and find the nugget of gold among the dross and I don`t even remember registering.When I came across the link yesterday and tried to register,of course it told me that I was already registered ! Ooops,should get my legs well slapped for that.
    Anyway,a bit about me is that I live in Spain,but travel all over the UK every month in my lorry and manage to get a bit of play in various parts of the country.Sometimes with people in the scene and at other times with pro dommes.
    I`m mainly sub but about 4 years ago was introduced to switching by a friend and discovered what hard work it is to be a good top,but also oh so exciting as well. I love roleply as well especially school scene which is where the name tawsedpaws comes from,getting the tawse on the hands in my Scottish school childhood.
    I love leather,pvc,and rubber as I`m sure most members on here would appreciate as well.
    I promise to participate on here as often as possible.
    Days like today are great,where at this moment in time I am sitting in the port waiting on the ferry for Spain.
    Regards to All

  5. Restrained

    Restrained New Member

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    Sounds good, I hear those sailing types are fairly good with ropes have a wonder into the private areas of the boat for some action ha ha. I agree with you on the old school scenario its one I like to play out with my girlfriend although I prefer a nice wooden ruler!!
  6. Princess Kiki

    Princess Kiki New Member

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