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  1. DIYbondagefreak

    DIYbondagefreak New Member

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    Hello everybody,

    first time poster here.

    i always look for the best deals online, in stores, etc, and when i cant find a price that i like, i will usually find a way to build what i want to buy for very cheap. sex toys are no exception. i've made quite a few, but one thing that always disappoints me is the lack of information on DIY toys on the internet... especially BDSM toys, so, im going to try and change that by posting here few of the many ideas and designs i have used to make my own sex toys. ill start with first sex toy i ever made(and still use quite often)

    an all metal butt plug. :cool:

    good quality butt plugs are hard to find, and when you do find them, they are usually priced in the +40 dollar range. :rolleyes:

    my idea was to find something that every body uses every day, that can be modified into a but plug, and i decided that the most likely item would be a trailer hitch. they come in varying sizes, so you can chose the one that suits your skill level best. i bought one that is 1.5 inches in diameter.

    now when you first take it out of the packaging, you will notice one thing, it has a threaded rod sticking out the bottom. well the rod was easy to take care of, a little quality time with a hacksaw and i cut off the rod right at the base, so it was flush with the base. and VOILA, one but plug ready to go...

    if you wanted to take it a step further, you could then go out to Home depot, and purchase a can of this stuff called "Plasti-dip" which is used for re-applying grips for tools, it comes in different colors, and it dries quickly, and if you wanted to, (and had the patience to) you could use the stuff to form more of a point at the tip of the plug.

    NOTE*** take my advice on this one... plasti-dip is not a cheaper alternative to liquid latex... trust me it hurts... i tried it and i couldn't masturbate for a week, moral of the story, don't apply it directly to skin... :eek:

    Trailer Hitch = $9
    Plasti-dip = $10
    Total cost = $10-$20
    Time=2 hours tops


    my second sex toy was based off of the trailer hitch butt plug, it was a simple matter to drill a hole through the top of the plug, and then, using an epoxy sealant, attach a brass nipple to the base, so that it could be used as an enema plug. NOTE*** i HIGHLY recommend using a file to smooth the edges of the drilled hole, and then using the plasti-dip to "smooth" the lip out even further.

    i didn't use a bag for it, instead i used a piece of thick latex tubing, that i could stretch around the faucet of my sin. the latex tube then connected to a longer and smaller tube that led to my anus.

    Trailer Hitch = $9
    Plasti-dip = $10
    Brass nipple = $3
    Latex tube = $1
    other tube = $2
    Total cost = $25-$30
    Time=3-4 hours


    my next toy was a dildo.

    i purchased a box of unlubricated latex condoms, and i inflated one and tied it off, when it was at the desired width and length of the dildo i wanted. next i unrolled a second condom over the first, and tied it off as well. i then used more of the plasti-dip and repeatedly coated the condom with the dip until it formed a shell around the condom, with only the end that i tied off remaining exposed.

    once it was dry, i carefully cut off the tied end of the condoms and peeled them out of the shell. the plasti-dip forms only a very weak bond with the condom, so it was easy to pull them out without damaging the shell.

    next i stuffed the shell tightly with foam, so that it was slightly flexible, and then i sealed the end off with more plasti-dip.

    after letting it dry, i applied 3 more coats of plasti-dip to blend the sealed end with the rest of the dildo. all in all there was about 10-15 coats of the plasti-dip.

    the end result was a easy to clean dildo that had just the right amount of flex to it, and felt great because of all the little drips that formed while making it.

    another thing you could do is add a small vibrator with the wires leading out the end to make a vibrating dildo

    Condoms = $5
    Plasti-dip = $10
    Foam = $1
    total cost=$15-$16
    Time = bout a week (allowing 2 hours drying time between coats)


    Well thats all the time i have for today folks, hope you liked what i have to say, feel free to post you own ideas, or creations and help fight the high price of sex toys... lol

    thanks for reading, more to come tommorow
    :D :D :D :D
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  2. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    an interesting read. Welcome to the forums!
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  3. DIYbondagefreak

    DIYbondagefreak New Member

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    ive always been intrested in bondage and stuff like that...

    heres another DIY...

    This is for owners of the CB2000

    instead of paying 20+ dollars for the points, make them yourself...

    first take the smalles ring that you have, and cut off the piece with the three guide holes

    then drill 2 or 4 small holes half way through the ring so that they point downward towards the bottom, then, on a belt sander, or whatever you may have availabe, sand the ring down so that it is the same thickness as the spacer that you normaly use. then insert small pointed rods into the holes you drilled and glue into place.

    then simply lock the device on and voila points of intrigue

    U can use whatever you want for the points, i used plasti-dip coated cotter pins.

    (i LOVE plasti-dip, its the greatest invention since sliced bread)

    while im on the topic of plasti-dip, i had an inspiration while in the shower,

    tie 3 or 4 large knots in a piece of rope, closely spaced, dip in plasti-dip, and voila, anal beads...

    thanks for reading

    PS. currently in bondage: CB2000 and Anal plug with locking Harness. left the keys at work today... lol

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