Dick piercing = bedroom problems

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Sporksnotforks, Mar 20, 2013.

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    I have a apadravya which is thru the head vertically and I love it. It's great during sex a def inmprovement now here's the problem. If I try to get head my gf/sub always tells me it feels like its gonna get caught in her throat. Tried anal with it in once and it caused some problems for her she started bleeding. Now I've tried changing the balls on the jewelry went from 6mm to 4mm told it helps with the head problem anal is still a no go with jewelry in. I say ring but its actually a 10g straight barbell I don't like the smaller balls and hate having to take the ring out even more. I've thought about trying a internally threaded bar with half ball/dome dermal tops. I'd have to piece the jewelry together and it does become a bit pricey. Has anyone delt with anything like this before or any advice? I could make her deal with the head part being my sub but I'm not keen to clean up if she shows me her last meal. With her bleeding from anal I will not wear the ring yes I am her Dom I am also new but her body's telling us something for good reason.
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    Meena- I definitely don't agree about it being a bad idea, but arguing won't help the thread.

    OP- I don't have experience with this, but for now I'd try smaller jewellery or just take it out for sex. It's probably best to remove it for anal anyway as it's somewhere for lube/mucous to catch and bacteria to build.
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