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    Due to recent events, I've decided to post the disciplinary steps that we use here for those who may violate the rules. While we hope that as mature adults we can all coexist peacefully without much drama, we understand that there is always the chance for an event to escalate beyond the control of our members and may require the guidance of a moderator.
    These are the steps that will be used to govern most disciplinary actions. Bare in mind, there are guidelines, and if a major offense occurs, some of these may be skipped. The severity of the situation is gauged by the staff member handling the situation, and we encourage each other to see every situation through until the resolution, so as to not create issues in the process. If a staff member feels they cannot handle a situation aptly, they may call in other staff members to assist, but rest assured, your Moderator will see you through to a resolution.

    1)Ask the disruptive party to stop

    A moderator will review the complaint and discuss the situation with the offending member. Hopefully this will make them aware of the action that often times they are even unaware they have caused, as nearly 60% of all internet issues are merely misunderstanding.

    2)Issue a warning
    If the issue continues, despite the attempt to reason with the offending member, the moderator will issue a warning for the offense via the infraction system. The points assigned allow the staff to keep track of past occurrences to take into consideration in future action. Only you and staff members will see your infraction points, so don't worry, but this should not be taken lightly. This is an official warning and is a step towards more serious action.

    3)Issue a stern warning
    If the situation does not improve, a second infraction is to be issued. This is usually accompanied with a direct order to Stop being disruptive, and is a final warning before being asked to leave for a period of time dependent on the situation.

    4)Ask them to leave for a short period of time to re-evaluate their actions
    Hopefully this time will give the offending member a chance to cool off, as well as to let to forum progress so that the issue can die down. Staff members do this only when it becomes evident that a resolution cannot be reached via discussion.

    5)Ask them to not return if they still continue.
    When a member comes back for their posting vacation, it is hoped that they will have moved past the situation. if it becomes evident to the staff that they have not, or that they simply will not correct their behavior, sadly the staff member will be forced to instruct the member to leave before they can continue their disruptive influence on the community as a whole. While we hope to never have to do this, sometimes issues are merely beyond control, and as such its best if people simply part ways.
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