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  1. BondageFreak

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    Does anyone like diapers as a fetish? Like your master doesnt let you use the rest room in public. Or if you are tied up for a long period of time, your master makes your do your business in a diaper. Or if your are in a cage for a long time and no way out. Do you use a diaper? Thanks.
  2. BondageFreak

    BondageFreak New Member

  3. Knots

    Knots Member

    I've spoken to plenty of people who do/have done this. It's quite common for (as well as the scenarios you listed) those into age-play, for instance.
  4. Mrflibble

    Mrflibble New Member

    i've occasionally had thoughts about the idea. Would probably be up for trying it atleast once.
  5. gothicjedi666

    gothicjedi666 Member

    An ex of mine wore them a few times in our daddy/daughter play.
  6. l0v3ly

    l0v3ly New Member

    Even though I'm a dom and this is something normally associated with subs, I love wearing diapers. I was into them way before I realized I was into BDSM. It kinda ties in with my extreme omorashi fetish. My sub likes wearing diapers too but is against using them unfortunately for me.
  7. curious4u

    curious4u New Member

    I wear diapers when I give myself an enema. Can still get pretty messy.

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