Devirginizing Spanking Virgins- Hobby?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by A Wizard of Ass, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. A Wizard of Ass

    A Wizard of Ass New Member

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    "Spanking cherries", anyone?

    Raise your hand (paddle?) if you at least fantasize about de-virginizing BDSM virgins!

    Weeeell, I think I see a crowd of hands up, all over this board ;)

    We all love to "take spanking cherries"...
    At least I do!

    Even before I started producing BDSM films, introducing girls to the sting of my paddle had long been an, ahem, hobby of mine...

    Ok, yes, I'm a little rascal. My girlfriends -- and my models -- will vouch for that :devil: (and my 125+ films offer oodles of recorded proof LOL)

    But I know that on this board I'll be in the fine company of many other rascals or closeted rascals :p

    Before I start sharing my stories, I'd love to hear from you all...

    Who have you “de-virginized� Or plan to? Or fantasize to?
    Under what circumstances? What happens?

    Unleash your inner rascal and confess!!!
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  2. Stella69

    Stella69 New Member

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    ahhh... I remember losing my spanking cherry! in fact my ass was a red a cherry when it was over ;)
    it was sexual awakening for me, and a real rush for my partner- he loved my authentic reactions to the pain.
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    Hmmm well I dont know if this counts but my sub took my actual virginity - the vanilla kind and I suppose if I go on to spank him (Have cropped and flogged) I guess in theory he is taking that too - or am I giving it lol.

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