DeviceBondage Jan 28, 2010 - Charlotte Vale

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    DeviceBondage Jan 28, 2010 - Charlotte Vale

    Charlotte Vale
    "It's too much it's too much!" Whaaa! Take it bitch!
    Date: Jan 28, 2010
    Performers: Charlotte Vale

    We all know Charlotte, right? She's all over the upper floor, she lives the lifestyle. When you normally see her people are just

    beating on her because she can take it. Well I found out one thing that can't take it and that is her pussy.

    This entire custom device we built was designed for foot torture. We did that, a lot of it. We trapped her neck to the floor and

    went to town on her feet. However, when we stuck fingers in her and and fucked her G spot hard she said it was "too much", "too

    sensitive", "I can't take it".

    Yeah, like that will work. So we go to the next logical step and finger bang the fuck out of her until she is REALLY (I stress

    that word) cumming like a helpless whore. We get screaming, begging, and a desperate struggle to get away. Almost makes you

    wonder about her other "orgasms".


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