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    Is anyone living with a partner with depression? If so what can you do if they are refusing every kind of help but are getting worse and worse? Please any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have researched a lot about depression and tried lots of things but I feel like I have nothing left to try.
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    Some forms of depression are treatable, usually with Prozac variants. There used to be a big stigma, but now they prescribe Prozac for almost anything. "It's a dessert topping *and* a floor wax!"

    Many people won't seek help because they won't want to leave a paper trail that could come back to haunt them later in life, for insurance, employment, etc. I don't blame them, either. Data lives forever nowadays.

    If you can scrape up cash you can still avoid most of the paper trail; the doctor won't file any forms with an insurance company. However, pharmacies sell prescription information back upstream to the drug companies, which sometimes use it for direct marketing. Even if you pay cash the pharmacy will still know who you are, it's on the prescription form. A few states have "opt-out" laws that are supposed to stop this from happening. You'd have to check.

    If you have a doctor who understands these things, he might be persuaded to file the insurance forms with the codes for "general lack of energy", "insomnia", or some related problem that would use the same meds. This depends on whether the doctor is working for you-the-patient or is just a flunky for the insurance provider.

    If the depression is treatable, it's stupid to go through the agony if you don't have to.

    Not all forms of depression are treatable. But it doesn't hurt to try.

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