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    This happened to me a few days ago.

    I woke up in bed next to my wife as usual. I see her staring at me . She throws an arm around me and then rolls on top of me. I love when she does that! She puts my morning wood inside of her and starts grinding away. After a few minutes she stops, reaches under the bed for the handcuffs. This always puts a huge smile on my face. After my hands are tied to the headboard she starts going at it again, but only for another minute. She then gets back on her side of the bed and starts pleasuring herself. I am laying there horny as hell and cant do anything about it! Her moaning, grabbing and scratching me while doing this doesn't help me at all. After she is finished she puts her arm around me and smiles real big. She says "I'm hungry" then leaves the room. I am laying there all alone and horny!I turn on my side and start rubbing on the bed hoping for some relief, but get very little. Its getting me really frustrated! After about 5 or 10minutes she returns and asks if I want a blanket because I might be there awhile. At this point I am asking her to help me. All she does is smile, cover me with a blanket and leave again. No! Please come back! I yell, but get nothing. I use my legs to move the blanket around and start rubbing again. I got the blanket near my cock bunched up so when I rub I am getting some relief! I start moaning lightly so she won't hear it, but she does. I am then uncuffed and moved. She uses the over the door strap we got a year before with a small luggage lock to the O ring and the handcuffs (We dont use the velcro cuffs that came with it as those are easy to escape from) so now I am standing in the living room, fully naked with a huge erection while she sits on the couch watching a movie. I am standing there begging for her to help me, but she threatens me so I stop. I was there for what felt like three hours (Later she told me it was only an hour). Then she decides to let me out so I can shower. I told her I am going straight in there to orgasm. Her reply was "What? You can't hold it in any longer?" After I beg for a few minutes she approves. I was so tired and horny I layed down in the shower and fell asleep after release!
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    Lol! This brought a smile to my face, very hot! :D

    Reminds me of a time something sort of similar happened to me. My boyfriend had me tied to the bed and we had some heavy foreplay going. He brought out the ice and just as he started using it on my pussy the doorbell rang. He slipped the ice cube inside me and went to answer the door, telling me to leave the ice right where it was. I was left tied to the bed, my pussy burning, trying to stay quiet so our friend wouldn't hear me. He didn't return until after the ice had fully melted. Big meanie! Haha, I should have known I was a sub when I was 17 - this scene should have been a huge clue!!!
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    I thought about doing something like that to her, but she isn't a sub at all. There isn't much she likes when she is tied up. She would kill me if I did that to her! I agree, it is very hot!

    I wish for her to leave me cuffed for more time, but when the baby wakes the games usually stop. She usually can't leave me when she goes to shower or cook :(

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