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    What do other Doms do to degrade their sub. What names do you call them, and what tasks do you have them do?

    I have mine lick my feet, and when she is bad, I have her kneel on the floor at dinner and I feed her my table scraps with my fingers, and afterward have her lick my fingers clean.

    I only call her whore or slut with "my" in front of it, I don't like insinuated others can/have had her.

    Anyone else do this? If no what do you do?

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    My Master has me say a prayer that we wrote together. It doesn't degrade me anymore (it used to be very hard for me to call myself his slut/bitch/whore/etc.), but we still both enjoy it. Sometimes he feeds me from his hand but I have a dog dish that I eat and drink from when he wants to see my butt in the air. He also make me do tricks for puppy treats (animal crackers).

    We also know one girl that I don't like very much because she is a whore (she uses men to buy her and her friends drinks when she has no intention of giving them a second look... she even does this in front of her boyfriends.....). Sometimes my Master calls me by her name. I don't like that very much but I am learning what he wants from me when he calls me that.

    Sometimes Master talks about sharing me with is friends or letting someone watch while he uses me. He even has me think about them when he makes me orgasm. This is degrading and incredibly exciting at the same time. One time this little fantasy almost came true... I wish it had but there is still time for that.

  3. Sparrow69

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    I don't think i have one particular thing that I call a sub or a slave to degrade them, however, the one i degrade the most i simply call her "worthless" as that has been dubbed her name until she redeems herself. She is generally called puppet, but it seems as of lately she can do nothing right, so, the name she chose has been replaced by one she didn't, which only adds to it.
    I find degradation doesn't come from a single word or phrase,b ut from a combination of things. having a slave verbally say "yes master, I'm your worthless cunt, I'm sorry I didn't realize this sooner," is more degrading for her in the mall then in the privacy of your own home.
  4. subspace

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    For me it is much more degrading to be made to repeat back names/phrases out loud than to just be called them. I can even repeat a name fairly easily but a phrase about what I want or something I did wrong...degrading.
  5. Sub4Life

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    Yakov also has me crawl behind him, or he uses me to rest his feet on, has me in the corner, either standing and holding my ankles or on the ground, my face on the floor, and ass in the air and hands tied behind my back, and he usually spanks me when I'm in that position.

    He will somtimes leave me chained to his bed, spread eagle and naked, or have me on a leash, and have me sit at his feet while watching tv, or reading, or anything really.
  6. george_brooks59

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    I've always wanted someone to make me like up my own cream( While dressed up as a whore)

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    My master does this mainly through word play. He will have me tied down, his fingers rammed deep inside me, and will be calling me cunt, whore, bastard, dirty dog, that sort of thing. He will whisper dirty scenarios to me, disgusting things like, for example, being watched or fucked by elderly perverts, or fat, hairy, sweaty lorry drivers. He forces me to admit that this is something I would enjoy being made into a reality.

    He also likes to make doggy style fucking more degrading with his words. I will have my arse up in the air, and my head down, and he will tell me I'm cheap and dirty, or something similar, and might also accompany this with a spanking. And he also likes taking my juices and smearing them into my leg, or across my face or worse, around my nose so I have no choice but to breathe in my own scent...but this only makes my arousal even more intense ;)
  8. fyrestrike2004

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    Okay, I am new to this world, so I have to ask this question from both points of view... By definition alone degradation is a bad thing, so how does it turn into a good sexual thing? I am having a hard time grasping this.
  9. GreyMac

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  10. Tarynsslave

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    As a 24/7 slave, I have learned to accept degradation. It goes hand-in-hand with humiliation and when done right, can be quite satisfying... ;P
    Well for example...
    Whenever I speak to my Mistress, I have to use the title "Mistress Taryn" every single time- even in public.
    Occasionally (whenever my obedience levels are lacking) Mistress Taryn will order me to serve Her girlfriends for a night as their slave waiter while naked (except for my collar, CB, and plug harness).
    I think the most degrading thing I've experienced is buttplug training. Mistress Taryn keeps me permanently plugged with a locking harness. My plug never comes out except for supervised and brief toilet breaks (2-3 per day, sometimes more, sometimes less). I feel controlled all the time thanks to the plug. It took some getting used to, but I love knowing the fact that I have no say in the matter ;P

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