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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by GreyMac, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. GreyMac

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    Subspace pointed out to me in a private conversation that the Doms on this board don't start many threads. The occasion was that I said I'd be interested to know something and she asked why I didn't start a thread

    Therefore I will share my curisosity with you- the wonderful submissives of this forum.

    On another post there was a question about the 9 Levels of Submission. A short essay originally written by a lesbian Domme in the 80's. Find it here:

    After you read it, I'd be curious to know where you see yourselves on the scale both in real life and fantasy, and why.
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  2. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    I relinked it, the one Grey used isn't working for some reason.

    As usual I cant pick just one.
    #5 is were I tend to live but I have to say#6 is a more accurate description of how I feel when we play.
    But I would like to have the financial ability and emotional comintment to live in #7
    I could only go to #8 with a strong Dominate, but I like the idea, but I tend to be a little bratty
    #9 would require I was more emotionally healthy and stable than I am and I'm not sure I would like it.
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    Hmm...I'd put myself at level 4 or 5. Which surprised me, as I was expecting to find I'd only be at level 1 or 2 :(
  4. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    well i'll describe my sub as # 4
    but we wanna ritch #5

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    I would say I'm between a 6 and 7... More of a 7 than a 6 though. I would love to be an 8, but, it's just not practical... Oh well.
  6. goodgirl

    goodgirl New Member

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    i think i'm a 5 on my way to 6.
  7. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    Thank you EZRA, I relinked as well so both should work now. You seem to have a clearer view of yourself than most people. Good for you.

    Goodgirl, do you live in the US? and what is your medium as an artist, if I may ask? Do you paint, photography, sculpt, wood/metal work or....?

    OLP. what made you think you may be only a 1 or 2? Everything I've seen about you would indicate an enthusiastic level 4 or 5.

    My Love, do you often fantasize about being a full time submissive/slave? I've seen you write well and wistfully of being caned.

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    Grey – Thank you for the compliment. I do often wish it were more practical in my life as it’s something that is very much a part of me. While I do love to be whipped, it’s more the meaning behind it than the actual act for me. In all honesty, the act its self is relatively meaningless without the passion behind it. Some of my fondest memories are of My Lord whipping me, and then kissing and running his tongue along the welts left by his leather belt, knowing that I have pleased him. But it’s also the simple acts of making his favorite dinner, or wearing something that I know he will like. Ensuring that there is fresh coffee ready for him… I know some of that must seem mundane to many, but, it makes him happy and I take great comfort in that.

    While I am still learning more about it, I am finding that I seem to identify most closely with the Gorean philosophies (although I am not one who would identify myself as Gorean). It seems to be a very natural perspective on slavery though.
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  9. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    Hardly mundane MLML.
    While there are some differences between Between Dom's and Dominatrix,
    The essence of being a submissive remains the same(how ever I wish I could dress in a way that would please my Mistress enough to make her want to play) :)
    I couldn't have said it better myself and you described my feelings almost exactly.
    I would only change one thing how ever.
    I do "enjoy" the whiping, it's a little hard to describe but I definatly get into altered states of conscience.
    I put it this way to a friend of mine.

    Meditation is like starting a fire with a match and a roll of news paper.
    S&M is like starting a fire with a can of gasoline and brick of black cats.
    you get a fire either way but one is more fun than the other.
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    It's not even so much about making him want to play. Even the simple clothing choices can make a difference. He loves soft clothes and I know that if Im wearing a soft shirt while we're out doing something, he will keep his hand on the small of my back longer. I find when Im out shopping, I will feel clothes before I even really look at them. If they are not soft to the touch, I don't even bother looking at them as I know I wont get them.
  11. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    yea..yea.. what ever :)
    I enjoy being touched by my Mistress just as much as you do by your Dom.
    But my clothing options "outside" are much more limited and don't have the same effect on my Mistress as your clothing options have on your Dom.

    You know darn well what I meant! :)

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    Yah, I did, but I couldn't help the long winded response anyway... ;)
  13. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    I'm trackin what EZRA said, My Love. A guy, dom or sub, ain't gonna get much hetero action in public if he shows nice cleavage in a little black dress with some cute heels....


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    No, but, there's always the well cut jeans to show off a cute ass and nice button down silk shirt hangs just right over a mans chest, slightly showing his nipples thru the fabric... I digress tho...
  15. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

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    I'm alomst at 8. I say alomst cuz I'm moving in with him on the 12th of january. But yeah, there are very few things that I wouldn't let him do to me, but he respects me enough to not go to irrational extremes or make me do things he knows I would resent with a passion. but I'm only still in the beginning of training phase.....once I really move in and start training, I'll be at level 8 for sure

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