Dear Diary

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    Dear Diary Pt.1
    Written by: Maya the Murderess~~

    Last night, I got a call from my foot bitch who has informed me that the pair of boots that I had him order for me two weeks ago, has still not arrived yet. Naturally, I was pissed off! I was planning on wearing these boots for the party tonight.
    These are not your average pair of boots, they were made out of the finest leather, imported straight from Italy. He has disrupted my whole outfit. I’v already purchased everything based around my boots. It would have worked wonderfully on my 5’11’’ inch frame. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. The little shit knows better. He will definitely pay for this! Feeling very irritated, I lit a cigarette and quickly explained to him how he is to see me right away. “I still have plans for tonight and there is absolutely no way in fucking hell, will a fucking pathetic doose like yourself, make me miss anything!” I put the phone down and began to get myself ready for the night.

    Preparing all of my implements for the session, it was finally time for the mutts discipline. I proceeded to walk down the long corridor to the back room, as my hands tingled with warm excitement. Holding my leather ridding crop tightly in my left hand and smacking each slave, that has crossed my path. There was a wonderful intimidation in the air due to the party. All the Dominas walked the hall whispering to each other and pointing over, which slaves they will torture first. The slaves that has not been taken by a mistress yet, disbursed themselves into different rooms waiting to be disciplined.
    It seemed unsettling to me the more I thought about missing the first half of the party…. Due to that witless twit!

    I opened up the door to the room and the mutt was kneeling in the middle of the floor in slaved position. “ I bet you got this part right… Stay the fuck down, you’re a selfish little shit” I shouted, as I kicked him over onto his back. “Are you aware of how much time, I have wasted on you?” I asked.
    “I know, I’m… sorry mistress”. He crawls over to kiss my shoes and I lift my heel and inch off the floor and began crushing his slimy little fingers. “You think I want you kissing these shoes?! These are not the shoes, I was suppose to be wearing tonight are they! Sorry are for mistakes and your not a mistake, your a complete and utter fuck up! Make sure you get that correct. is it your goal… to be a fuck up?” I asked walking over to my basket of goodies. “ No mistress” he replies, crawling to the corner of the room.

    “Get over here, don’t be such a fucking pussy!” I closed the collar around his neck and attached the leash. “ You need to reminded that you are not just a bitch, you’re my bitch! You are worth nothing! And will never be anything else, other then being my little shoe bitch!” I turned to sit onto my favorite chair and light a cigarette. I can see the excitement rising inside his erect phallus. I took a long drag off of my cigarette, snapped my fingers at my side and immediately he came crawling over on all fours. “Open bitch”, I flicked the red hot cherry out onto his tongue. “You better swallow it”. I covered his nose and mouth and blew the smoke directly into his eyes. Once I seen his eyes started to water, I began to drag my nails down his chest. I reached down and tightly squeezed his balls with all ten of my nails. Finally, making my way down his body leaving trails of hot nail marks all over him. His body folds over and I can see his face go from pale to flushed, in exactly 2.5 seconds. “Get up and take it”! I lifted my long leg up, so the bottom of my heel can be directly in his face. “Shine the heel of my shoe, this is your job to do so!”…. If you would have done, what you were told in the first place… You could have been at the party with me, sipping water out of your dog bowl“. He began sucking the bottom of my heel with such passion.

    “Faster! It’s already because of you, that I am late”. I got up slowly, so I can stand directly over him. “Stick out your tongue you fool, I am done with my cigarette”. At first I lightly touched his tongue with the tip of the cherry but, once I seen him flinched, I grabbed a hold of the back of his head and firmly put my cigarette out. “Thank you goddess” he swallows the ashes and opens his mouth, to show that he had digested it all. I directed him to bend over the chair, “Ass up, head down!” I walked over to my basket of goodies and started unraveling the rope. ‘This will help ensure me, that you will not be able to move one bit”. I started tightly bounding each hand, to each arm of the chair. I took a longer piece of rope and begin wrapping it around his waist and chair. I took each shoe off and placed them strategically on each side of the chair. “This will help you remember why you’re in this predicament now”. See these are not what should be on my feet right now, am I correct?” I asked firmly as I pulled out my favorite little wooden paddle. This paddle was made personally for me, from another pet that I once had. On one side it’s nice and smooth and the other side, my name is engraved onto it. “You do know that your ass is mine?” I started tracing my bulls-eye with my paddle over his warm flesh. “ I want you to begin your count on the first hit, if you fuck up one time, I will stop and start all over again.” “Yes, mistress…. 1.…thank you mistress…2...”. As he continued, I placed the paddle gently on his back and began spanking him. “If you make this paddle fall off of your back, I will add extra 50 lashes to your canning”. I stopped for a moment so that I can put his blindfold on. “I’ll be right back, do not move!” I walked out into the kitchen area to get a large glass of ice, once the glass was good and cold, I returned back to my room. “Did you miss me?” I whispered. I walked over and grabbed the biggest ice cube and placed it between his ass. I began tracing the marks on his ass, with the ice cube. “ This should help cool your ass down a bit.” I blew lightly over the ice, watching it just melt away. I picked up the belt and snapped it behind his ears. His body began to squirm, desperately trying to feel his way around. “You can’t run” I said, as I took my first lash across his wet ass. “The only way of getting out of this is by calling mercy” and with all the years of me knowing him, he only called mercy once. Then I teased him so much about it, that he never dared to call mercy again.

    I was having so much fun torturing him, that I forgot all about the time and the party. I untied him and walked him over on all fours, to another door within the room. “What is this mistress?” he asked. I slapped him hard right across his face. “You will speak when spoken to maggot! Do you have my boots?” He shakes his head and adjust his eyes to the floor. “You have wasted too much of my time already”. I open the little door to the tiny dark room, walked him inside and began tying him up, to what looked like an old coat hook. I lit only one candle in the room and left him a small bowl of water. I sat down and started changing shoes for the party. “Oh yeah…. I already brought the boots myself, knowing how much of a fuck up you already are.” I slammed the door shut, put the lock on, dropped the key inside of my boot. “ You will be let out, when it’s time for you to clean up after the party”. I turned to check my new boots out in the mirror and caught the pathetic mutts reflection looking back at me. I laughed as I turned to leave for the party “I’ll see you, when the fun is over.” I picked up my basket of goodies, turned the light switch off and slammed the door behind me.
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    I know this is supposed to be a diary, but do you think you can break it down into paragraphics to make it easier to read? this looks to be a wall. I guess ytou could say a wall of text.

    Because of the wall, I was unable to read what seemed to be the start of a good story.

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