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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by lao, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. lao

    lao Guest

    Anyone actually fantasize about being ''or owning'' a (real) sex slave ?

    In addition, I was also wondering if theres an older woman on here who would be interested in dominating me, torturing me, caging me and (owning) me ? - as in chat ... lol

    Just know that my thoughts are quite extreme ::p

    Thanks in advance :)
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  2. Master C

    Master C Member

    As strange as this may sound to you, there are people that don't need to fantasize about it, as they are already owned, or owning someone.
  3. lao

    lao Guest

    If your referring to the mainstream BDSM Lifestyle then your wrong, participants have the (option) of leaving the arrangement whenever they wish - thats not slavery or ownership.
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  4. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    What I think Master was meaning Lao, is you said fantasize about it. Those already partaking in the lifestyle are living out those fantasies. Does that make sense? I hope it does, as I think it does.
  5. Master C

    Master C Member

    in the situation you are saying, the option to cop out, that is a D/s relation. your fantasy almost sounds like you want a M/s relation. And if you are looking for a M/s relation, then you don't have the option to cop out, you are giving your freedom up, to be their slave. If for some reason you are able to cop out, then it is not a true M/s relation.

    It makes sense Prissy, however, I really forgot what I had in mind when I first responded. But that sounds pretty good.
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  6. lao

    lao Guest

    Yes, in real master slave relationship the sub wouldn't have an option of coping out - It would be entirely the master/mistresses decision, and any decent dom wouldn't concede to a subs pleading to cop out (this would result in severe punishment)- the dom would be fully aware that the sub is better off under their complete control - with regards physical and mental pleasure. Of course a sub may decide they want there freedom back however its not there place to ''decide'' anything - its up to there master/mistress.
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  7. Barebackslavegirl

    Barebackslavegirl New Member

    It is not a fantasy to me, I have a Master, who is the Domination of my life.
    All involving me go thru him, he has the final say. It is my priviledge to be owned by him.
    I adore him completely. I still cant believe he has happened in my life. And I am so much better off. I cant remember my life when he wasnt there.
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  8. AmourPartage

    AmourPartage Member

    I find it quite amusing to read this thread as it seems some of you have no clue of the lear separation between D/s and M/s. D/s has nothing to do with slave ownership nor does it contain the same rules as in a M/s relationship. A true sub is NOT a slave.

    To try and lump both relationships under one umbrella is just wrong.

    When a sub seeks to be collared or is offered a collar by his/her Dom, that does not mean slave ownership.

    I think more people that "live" the lifestyle should be more educated as it is those people who tend to hurt or mislead others who are still learning and do not know better. :)
  9. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    I am glad somebody understands what I was trying to say. I am 90% positive that many people here, not all, but most, are D/s relationships. Not M/s. I know a M/s couple, and I would never want that.
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  10. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

    Loa, I just thought I would throw in my two bits here. I am pretty new to this whole lifestyle. I have been in it less then five years. While I agree with you on some of what you say, I must disagree with you on some as well. It seems like you're saying that Dom and Sub shouldn't call themselves Master and slave or anything else for that matter unless they meet the proper definition standard, like they do not belong to the club unless they know the secret handshake or something. I disagree. One of the great things about this lifestyle is that your able to find your own limitations. That means different things to different people. The rock hard definitions we use when discussing bdsm in theory change when individuals choose to put those theories into practice. It expands and evolves and trying to define every dom and every sub under scrutiny ruins it.
    I like most of the people I have met in the lifestyle, like mixing it up. Sometimes I want a pain slut, other times I simply want a submissive woman, sometimes I like to be a daddy dom. That doesn't make me deficient as a Dom, if anything it is nice for the subs I have had. They don't get the same routine all the time.
    Anyway my point is that there are plenty of Doms and Subs who make their own rules, finding what works for them, taking a little from this a little from that. That isn't wrong it is smart and whether they call themselves Master~slave, Dom~sub, or Owner~pet, that is up to them and just because they don't fit into a definition (which will probably change anyway as bdsm changes) doesn't mean that it is wrong or illegitimate.
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  11. filfy

    filfy Member

    well said that man
  12. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

    Thanks filfy

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