DaddyDom / lil girl Relationships

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by My Love My Lord, Jan 18, 2010.

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    You know something I dont think has been discussed much, if at all here, is the DaddyDom / lil girl dynamic.

    Is this something anyone on here has any experience with? Thoughts on?
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  3. EZRA

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    This is exactly the sort of difficulty with this sort of Roll play, is always having to explain it to people, even long time practitioners of BDSM can have difficulty understanding what it is about, really.

    As someone who is normally submissive, this is the one instance that I can feel Dominate.
    I think the Daddy Dom role is differnt in a few aspects from normal Dominance in that the "Daddy" roll is spiced with the forbidden aspect and also has a stronger caring and care-taking aspect to it.
    It's an expression of the very taboo , if never expressed sexual tension that develops between girls and thier fathers as they grow up and begin to develop.
    This is a normal experiance but it is usually suppressed with great prejudices by both for good reasons. Unfortunately often Fathers so disconcerted by the feelings go too far and withdraw from thier daughters compleatly leaving the girl confused and hurt and not understanding.
    I'm willing to bet at least several females on this forum can remember this happening to them.

    But daddy/little girl roll play is not an expression of the desire for incest, it is, like many BDSM roll play a way to explore a very taboo subject , like the ever popular "rape" fantasy.

    "daddy loves me but he can't help him self"

    I think it is very close to the "rape" fantasy in that it is about giving up control and being so desired that "they " can't help themselves. But with the overtones of familiarity and caring that is not part of the "rape" fantasy. Your not attacked and forced so much as compelled by some one you love and want to please even if it means doing wrong. Giving "them " something your not supposed to ,to show how much you love them.
    Its also a softer and more gental in execution than the "rape" fantasies.

    "daddy dosent want to hurt you, so don't struggle little girl"

    And also a taking of innocents and "educating" the little girl.

    "daddy's going to do something new to you ,baby"

    Any way it can be hard to explain this with out someone getting thier hackles up , And I understand it is a VERY taboo subject, and I belive the reason has to do with the fact that most fathers at one point or another experience sexual feeling towards thier daughters.
    It's normal but very unnerving. I also would not be surprised if daughters also at one point or another don't experiance sexual feelings for thier fathers.
    As it is with all things like this the differnce between right or wrong all has to do with how you handle the feelings when they come up, and not if you have them or not.
    pubescent girls put out enormous amounts of pheromones and your brain can't tell the differnce between those of a women and those of your daughter.

    BUT I am NOT excusing or trying to mitigate the crime of incest.
    I'm not even trying to explain it, For a father to actualy engaged in sex with his daughter is far beyond just haveing a twinge in his crotch when he hugs her, it's violation worse than rape for being done by someone who is supposed to care for you and protect you.

    so I went down this "bunny trial" to make sure that in the discussion of this subject , everybody is very clear on where I stand on it, and understand , that it is not a secret desire for incest for me or that I in anyway would advocate actual incest as "OK" in any circumstance.
    I want no confusion on this point.
    I also want to try and explain the the energies that fuel this type of roll play, because for some reason "it" is misunderstood more than most types of Taboo roll play.
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  4. subspace

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    Hey MLML,
    This topic has come up once or twice but it has been awhile. Check the thread below, but your right it dosent get discussed much and I think it may be more common than most will admit. ;)

    Great explanation EZRA!

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