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Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Dec 30, 2008.

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    A while back I became interested in the relationships that doms and subs, or masters and slaves, share with each other. Now I am beginning that type of relationship. I know the difference, but there is still a problem. I believe I lack the knowledge for this type of relationship. The girl I'm with wants to be dominated, I want to dominate; no problem there.

    Basically, I was came here to ask for any advice you could give a novice at this sort of thing. I've been reading as much as possible as well as discussing things with my partner. So far things are good, but I need to know what to do when things get more serious and such.

    If you need me to clarify, I can do that. Any help is appreciated, but I would also appreciate if you don't flame me. I was pretty vague here, so don't go saying "You don't know this" and all.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.
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    Jey makes a good point. I'm somewhat new at this, but I know quite a bit. Even if you know your roles, you need to start getting into them. You as a Master need to learn how to control someone without going overboard, and she needs to learn how to serve. Its a bit of a process, but the main thing you need to revolve around is HOW CONFORTABLE ARE YOU. Just because you see something or read about something that looks interesting, you should experiment first. Test it out in little fragments and see if you are confortable with it. And even though you are the dom, it is your job to respect your sub's boundaries. There is also a sense of careing for your sub. Similar to a relationship between a dog and it's owner, you need to be sort of supportive and caring for your sub. You should love and take care of her and it is her job to give you love and respect back. There are many other things you need to do, like establish some sort of fear.I'm not talking about scaring the shit outta her, but you need her to be a bit cautious of you so she doesn't walk all over you. And this isn't something that can be forced; if it doesn't seem right, don't do it. I hope this helped
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