Cuts from Bloodplay- Pic Heavy.

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    The story of these is in the safety section of the forum under the title 'Bloodletting'. saves me having to explain everything twice. so, without further procrastination on my part...

    These are the cuts nice and fresh after my chest had been pretty much cleaned up. the 3 cuts close together on the right hand side of the photo are the deepest, and thats where the skin split furthest apart.

    These are the cuts looking nicely healed the next morning. pretty pretty. You can probably see what i mean now by saying that the middle of my chest looked a bit empty.

    This is how we solved the empty look the following night. I absolutly love it. Firstly because she carved it into me and secondly because its jagged and un-even, it just looks so good. I also love the drop of blood, dripping from the point at the bottom. she went over each line a few times as i want it to scar

    This final picture; what it shows means alot to me. My gf has been keeping a kind of scrap book since she was in her early teens. she uses it document important things and memories in her life as they happen. I guess that this showed me that it means as much to her as it does to me. If you cant read the writing above the heart it says: 'The greatest journey is the distance between two people' I think that sums everything up quite nicely. and yeah thats all my blood. seemed a shame to waste it after all
  2. Prissy

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    Gross me out, but as I said in your other thread, I have a bit of a weak stomach. The heart was nicely done.
  3. ReallyGreen

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    I liked it.
  4. filfy

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    i looooove the heart. its bloody sore today though lol
  5. KinkyPink

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    Beatiful heart. Post more pics after it heals. <3
  6. filfy

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    will do kinkypink.
    we're gunna have to go over it again as it isnt scarring too well. i'm not gunna complain though ;-)
  7. Lovely pics. The heart is adorable :)

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