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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by subrob77, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. subrob77

    subrob77 New Member

    Hi i find the idea of being dominated a real turn on but wouldn't know how 2 ask someone, i'm on here firstly 2 find out a bit more about the scene, so if anybody can spend some time 4 a chat or even just 2 write a message all info will be greatly received
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  2. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

    Hey subrob,
    Why don't you try posting yourself in the personals as an online sub, it will allow you to learn a little bit about what is expected from you. You should know that every Master/Mistress is different and that there are some who are very gentle (case in point Daddy Doms), but still controlling and some that will break out the whips and chains if you look at them the wrong way. Whatever you want it is all here. I would also recommend you look at some of the posts left by dominants and see if one you like will take you on, especially if your too shy to post an online personal. Just be polite when you message them and if they want you they will let you know.
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  3. akittenone

    akittenone Guest

    Every Dom/Master is different and as such they want different things and expect different things from those they accept submission from, kitten agrees with the advice above, go to a few of the online sites and read all that is posted, read blogs, learn all you can and see what aspects appeal to you, some subs/slaves like pain some do not so it is pointless submitting to a Dom/Master who enjoys this as you will B/both end up unfulfilled.
    When you are with the right person the act of submitting is a wonderful thing, with the wrong person it can be horrible, so learn what you like and talk to who ever you can and read all you can
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