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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by YourHighness, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. YourHighness

    YourHighness New Member

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    So, I'm super shy, but I'm 18 and I have super submissive tendencies... I have a daddy and thus an outlet.

    I also have a dominant side. Interested in sissies, crossdressing, orgasm control... I can't say much more since I haven't explored this part of myself. I'd like to make friends with a submissive male and possibly raise the bar from there.
  2. Davidsub1980

    Davidsub1980 New Member

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    Hi, I'm a 33 yo male who's recently discovered his submissive side. I'm specially interested in orgasm control. I hope we can talk further. Message me back please
  3. Slave Boy Beats

    Slave Boy Beats New Member

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    Hey I'm 18 aswell and have just found I'm into both sides slave and dominating and I'm up to try anything please send me a message or Kik me @ alex_diggs
  4. sho-d4n

    sho-d4n New Member

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    Hello Ma'am. I hope you're still searching for someone.

    I'm 29. Average height and build. Brown hair, beard and green eyes. From the UK but always available bar sleep. I've had a few interactions with people on here through roleplay and chatting. I've also served an online Mistress over email but would like something more interactive. I've a few kinks that I would love to discuss with you but ultimately I'm here for you. I have had some experience with sissy, anal, CBT and T&D play and if you check my profile you'll see I've been searching for a while
  5. slaveryo

    slaveryo Active Member

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    Hello, I'm a 29 yo male...
    Message me back please...
  6. kinky_irish_guy

    kinky_irish_guy New Member

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    Hello Your Highness :)

    I really liked the sound of your post and I feel we could have quite a lot in common. I haven't been on here in a long time but I'm glad I came on and found you.... It would be a pleasure to explore new things with you and have some fun along the way :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you


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