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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Storme130, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Storme130

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    I've recently discovered BDSM through my last boyfriend and I found that I'm submissive. I'm curious as to what else it entails besides wax, leather, being bound and taking orders, since those are the fields I have experienced.

    I'm new to the site and am currently not looking for a Master or anything. I'm here more because a lot of people I know regard BDSM as a huge taboo and I want to find out a lot more so that I can write a novel chartering how the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive starts and progresses, since I myself have never had that. I've seen quite a few films on the sunject but it doesn't capture the essence of being dominated - you tend not to see the relationship and just the hardcore sex instead. I've read about BDSM on BEST Slave Training but that didn't satisfy my curiosity.

    I want to hear things straight from a fellow submissive and/or a Dominant, preferrably with experience.
  2. sebastian

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    BEST is fairly extreme play, not entirely unlike brainwashing. It's not necessarily bad, just very intense, and not really a good choice for someone who is just starting to explore.

    Have you read the FAQ?
  3. Aibo

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    @Storme130: The actual relationship do indeed have a very special dynamic, the think I have found that is interesting is that this dynamic is the same regardless of cultural background.
    I am seeing a female from the other side of the globe, and even so, we function in the same way as I have experienced before. In short we're just all humans.
    Now we two have the same level of this interest, so that do explain that we're matched. And so I can say that individual differences put a spin to this of course.

    So how things progress, it all depend on what level you settle for. Also what you view as one ultimate goal. You want to have children with a Master, you're likely to end up with one bedroom submission relationship. If you're truly hedonistic, and want to make it a lifestyle, and provide for your Master at all times. Then things might take a deeper path.
    Regardless, and now my reply might sound quite general, it can be truly wonderful. Even out of the D/s situations, we tend to send small signs to each other even then, and that do at least give me a warm gut feeling of the things we have together. :)

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