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  1. Areus

    Areus New Member

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    Alright I have an interesting challenge to present. I have a slave who is extremely turned on by having me (or anyone) cum in her pussy. It's not the ONLY way she gets off, but it's by far the easiest. On the other hand she finds swallowing cum repulsive. It isn't a hard limit, but it's something she only does on command.

    What I would like to do is to transfer her love of cum in her pussy to cum in general, or at least cum in her mouth, making it less repugnant for her to swallow and ideally having her get off on it. If anyone has more experience than I do, I would highly appreciate the assistance.

    If if helps, she says the reason she likes it in her pussy is that it lets her fantasize about fulfilling her biological imperative (IE pregnancy) even though obviously precautions have been taken against that. That's kind of where I'm hung up - there are basic biological inconsistencies to what I'm trying to condition her to. That said, there are biological inconsitencies to a girl on the pill thinking she's getting knocked up, so obviously it doesn't operate on entirely logical precepts.

    I know it can be done, I just can't figure out exactly how...
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Gay doms sometimes talk about 'breeding' their sub, meaning ejaculating in his ass. Such talk plays with the same biological impossibility you're dealing with here, and some subs clearly get turned on by that, perhaps by a sort of indirect feminization. So you might have some success with doing a lot of verbal play based around the threat of breeding her. You could adopt a sort of super-macho posture and claim that your cum is so powerful you're gonna get her pregnant no matter which orifice you cum in. You'd need to play the scene right--such a claim could easily just sound silly.

    You might also build up the idea that your cum is a precious gift, more valuable than she is, and that she needs to be grateful when you give it to her, regardless of where you give it. Make her beg you to cum. Make her praise your cum---there's so much of it, it's so thick, etc. Then make her beg for it in her mouth.

    Having said all that, I'm not sure you're gonna have too much success. Swallowing cum is a fairly visceral thing. Some people love doing it, and some people hate doing it. It's possible to train someone to enjoy something they previously had no strong feelings about, but it's very hard to train someone to enjoy something they previously hated. So you may have to settle for training her to do something she doesn't like simply as a statement that you're the dom and she needs to please you.
  3. Areus

    Areus New Member

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    This was my first thought, but as you say it could easily sound kind of silly so I was hoping there was a better way.

    This I tried very early on because it has worked in the past, but she never really took to the idea - she would beg and moan, but it was clearly for my sake rather than out of any real emotion.

    I'm afraid you're right about this. I have her doing it on command without a lot of complaint, but she clearly hates it and my softer side doesn't make her do it as often as I'd like because of it. Honestly to even have gotten her that far was an accomplishment - she began with that as a hard limit and we had to work up to it over a couple years.

    Anyway, thanks for the answers. I'll try the first tonight and see how it goes. If anyone else has other options they would be appreciated.
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    It all depends on your dom persona, I think. If you have the sort of crude, macho persona that lets you pull off lines like "I'm gonna have you begging for my cock by the time I'm done with you, bitch", then you can probably manage to say something like "I don't need to fuck your pussy to get you knocked up. I'm gonna breed you through your mouth" without it sounding silly. On the other hand, if your persona is more gentle and romantic or more sophisticated, that line probably won't work very well.

    Part of the trick is to realize that the context of a particular scene can make certain ideas and dialog plausible because the sub is already primed for it. Saying you're gonna fuck the devil out of her might work in a scene where you're an inquisitor and she's a witch, but will sound odd in a different scene. Scenarios in which you're presenting yourself as tough, hyper-masculine, a 'real man' will make that line seem more plausible.

    Have you tried praising her for swallowing? "Good girl! I know you don't like doing that. I'm so proud of you for obeying me when it's difficult." Even if she never learns to enjoy the act itself, she might learn to find pleasure in overcoming the challenge.
  5. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    So far, so good.

    I'm gonna ask something that might seem a little off.

    Are you sure she's telling the truth?

    Does she like the way you taste (and/or smell)?
    It makes a big difference to some, so I just wanted to ask.
    If she doesn't want to tell you that she hates the way you taste or smell, that might be a good story.
  6. Areus

    Areus New Member

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    Sophisticated is probably the best word. I tend to be fairly cultured in real life, theatre and French food and the like, so that tends to be my dominant persona as well. It's going to sound and feel strange to go into that crude kind of masculinity outside of a roleplaying scene (which frankly I kind of hate roleplaying to begin with)
    That's a lot of how we worked past her limit to begin with - having her go step by step and praising her for pushing herself while punishing her for taking steps backwards. It seems to have reached the limits of its usefulness. It got her past the borderline-phobia phase where she wouldn't even touch it unless forced, but no further.
    You're not 100% off on that. Initially she hated all cum, but as I've moved her past that it's become more MY cum. Other guys she's been with since (open relationship) she had less trouble with because she found their taste less unpleasant. It was never something she got off on the way I would like her to, but it wasn't as big as a hurdle as it is with me. I may try to work on that - I've read a few articles with things purported to help with taste, but it sounds a bit farfetched in my opinion. The evidence tends to be anecdotal at best, but it might be worth trying.

    That said, it still isn't going to take her quite to the places I want her to be - I want her to revel in it the way she does cum in her pussy rather than just finding it tolerable enough to swallow without gagging.
  7. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    It's not as farfetched as you think. I'm sure it makes a difference.
    The changes I made were simple. Drink more water, eat less dark veggies, onions and garlic, and drink more fruit juices, especially pineapple. Oh yea, and find a way to stress less, but the exercise helps with that.

    I have to say, some folks are just not into that, even under the best of circumstances. In that case I'll join in and say just work on her and make it a part of the larger more enjoyable experience.
    If you understand her buttons, and can associate that kind of servitude with her strongest feelings, get away the bad taste or smell... you'll have a pretty good start on changing the game.
  8. uniongirl

    uniongirl New Member

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    Maybe you need to do clicker training. I'm thinking associating the click (clicker found in any pet store) with orgasm (especially the kind she likes) by clicking as soon as she starts to orgasm. Do this for awhile so the click becomes directly associated with cumming. Once that association is established, the click itself could be used as a reward so you could click while you cum in her mouth. You have to be sure the click itself is a reward though... a long association between click and orgasm is needed.
  9. Areus

    Areus New Member

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    Alright, I'll do my best. We talked about it at some length and I think a big part of it is just the taste - if I can eliminate that hurdle I think we can make a lot easier headway into deeper conditioning. I'm still convinced it's possible regardless, but why work harder than you have to?

    One question, though, if you know: Is it going to have an effect on precum as well, or is that taste kind of set in stone?
    This is something I read about years ago and have always wanted to try. I've read the conditioning studies, of course, and as I think about it this would be a pretty ideal solution to the problem as well as an entertaining project in and of itself. I think I'll start working on conditioning the pairing now, and by the time I get the taste issue taken care of it should be at least starting to have some effect.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone for all your answers. Always nice to have a few fresh perspectives on an issue, especially from knowledgeable people.
  10. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    Don't know if it has an effect on precum but since it's all coming from the same place, I can't hurt.

    The suggestions I gave you previously are a compendium of lots of advice I've read. The whole taste thing has stayed with me since I heard someone talk about a guy that they just wouldn't go down on cause it almost made them gag. She singled him out as being that different.
    Since I have a real aversion to bad tastes and smells, I tooks steps to make sure I wasn't mentioned in that kind of discussion, unless it was to say something good.
  11. Areus

    Areus New Member

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    Ok little bit of a necro-post but since the info might help others I thought I'd drop back by. The plural of 'anecdote' being 'data' and all.

    I followed this diet in addition to cutting down slightly on red meat as was suggested elsewhere and it helped pretty considerably. The taste of cum changed almost entirely, as did the consistency, both of which were issues. Precum was impacted significantly less - I'm told less salty than before, but not hugely so which means it might be just the placebo effect since I did tell her that I had made changes. Still, overall a very positive result.

    Clicker training is progressing, but there's still a long way to go on that.

    Regardless, thanks again to everyone for all the help. I'll try to drop back by the fourum from time to time to pay it forward as it were.

    PS. Lots of pineapple juice early tapered down to maybe 1-2 glasses a day worked for me. If anyone's a big drinker I found it was surprisingly good mixed 4:1 with kahlua ;)
  12. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    Glad to hear it Areus. Thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, keep us posted on how things go.

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