Cruel Male Dom looking for on line slave

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    Master Ephraim is looking for an extremely submissive female for cyber relationship. Age 25-45. How you look is not important but you MUST be a female.

    I am cruel, I am a sadist, I like training amateurs. I demand a lot and I like long term cyber relationships. If you are only an occasional chatter or just looking for role playing every now and then, do not even bother.

    So, contact me or add me to your contacts if you:

    1.- Want to really commit to a Cyber Dom.

    2.- Want to be assigned humiliating real life tasks.

    3.- Feel that your only purpose in life is to serve and amuse your Master.

    5.- Are able to be on line WHENEVER and as long as Master demands your prescence.

    6.- Have a web cam or digital camera, either one. ( I demand pictures of my slaves in humiliating poses or performing degrading tasks, etc)

    7.- You are willing to be collared at the first interview (of course, if you meet my requirements)


    1.- Are a man pretending to be a woman or a male slave (sorry boys, I respect your kinks greatly but I do not take male slaves). I usually demand proof of gender.

    2.- Have a boyfriend, husband, or lover who will distract you from your duties as a slave, or if you are already collared by another Master. I respect OPP's and I like my properties to be respected.

    3.- Are into scat, pee, b*stiality, snuff, blood, puke, etc. Nothing wrong with that I highly respect those who are into these kinks but it is just not my thing.

    4.- Are not serious about this, or if you are not willing to obey.

    Contact me to: [email protected]

    Serious bussiness only!

    Master Ephraim

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