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  1. xxxpoloner

    xxxpoloner Member

    Hi! Is anyone here has tried it? I'm interested how does it feel to be in women's dress when you're treated like a woman. I ask it because my girlfriend wants to try and I doubt about it.
    So if you can, just help me, express your opinions.
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    There was a big discussion about this here, but I'm sure a couple of the guys here will be willing to share experiences. Or the domme ladies with crossdressing subs.
  3. popygai999

    popygai999 Active Member

    Do not even doubt it, while you can and have someone to experiment, do it, then that will remember)
  4. castro912

    castro912 Member

    crossdressing sometimes makes me so horny
  5. hentaipron

    hentaipron Banned

    never tryed but always wanted to try, lol
  6. creativius

    creativius Banned

    i like this
  7. xxxpoloner

    xxxpoloner Member

    I've tried it! That was awesome! My mistress was also was awesome! Guys, you should try it!!!
  8. xxxpoloner

    xxxpoloner Member

    My mistress made me polish her boots, dressed me like a girl, put me a dog collar and fucked me very hard. That was the best cum and I felt myself like a real girl.
  9. Mrflibble

    Mrflibble New Member

    I do sometimes get the urge to dress like a dirty teenage slut. Generally I never thought I liked the idea of cross dressing, but it seems to be growing on me.

    Not sure why.
  10. shauwn

    shauwn Member

    i love it! my play partner loves dressing me too, so we both have fun!
    she doesn't really to full on crossdress with me, generally has me wearing short shorts, knee socks or taller, and a long sleeve top with very light kinda lace trim, or most often just a long sleeve t-shirt.
    i'm kept shaved smooth and am pretty slim, so the shorts look, mmmm, well i guess nice : )
    it's a real rush when she takes me out dressed like this!
  11. Slaveman23

    Slaveman23 New Member

    My mistress has me wear woman's panties. She says it's to remind me of my slutness
  12. Goddess_Jessy

    Goddess_Jessy Member

    Crossdressing is very funny :)
  13. kaibunny94

    kaibunny94 New Member

    I love crossdressing, but thats because i have a female brain in a male body. I am however a huge domme. :) so you dont have to be a sub to be a sissyboy
  14. natas_666

    natas_666 New Member

    ive tried it a lot of times, did it for the 1st time at the age of 14, i love it
  15. spider

    spider New Member

    Strangely I don't like the idea of cross dressing, mainly because I think I wouldn't make a very good girl and would generally be crap at it. But seeing as that's my feelings towards it I can quite understand why a Domme might not really let them stand as an excuse. I've worn heels before but that's about the extent of my experience anyway.

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