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    They had the one year anniversary last month and still I see video now and then on TV. I ran across this one recently. We live not far from Joplin, We have friends that were hit by this tornado while shopping there. They were saved only by the checkout counter. They ended up in a tiny pocket of debris being held up by the counter. Right over them were steel beams of the structure. I was packing an emergency bag ready to head to the city storm shelter while the weatherman was talking about the debris ball and how the tornado was doing major damage in Joplin. I have seen the first person joplin tornado on you tube and yes it gave me chills to hear them screaming as the tornado tore the gas station apart. This one though they are driving right through the area that was hit. One of them suggested pulling into the home depot for shelter. That Home Depot was leveled and several people died there. Perhaps it was seeing people taking shelter in stores or under the awnings of gas stations that were leveled that made it all the more chilling.

    This is the video of the people in the gas station that was hit.

    He went back to show what the gas station looked like.
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  2. It was crazy. I've only seen videos. Don't know anyone that was there, but I remember the night. I live few hours away. I was up all night watching the news. Crazy to think something like that happened so close and could happen here just as easily.
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    Yes it was scary and horrifying. One of my friends was 20 weeks pregnant when her house was leveled. Her pelvis was shattered and she spent 8 hours not knowing if her baby survived. She did, thank god. Then two separate friends with their families in the wal mart that was leveled. One barely made it out alive and the other when the warnings went out told the staff that they could not force them to stay and chose to leave. They were on I 44 when the radio announced the wal mart they were just in was leveled.

    My mom worked at Freeman and said the reason they are rebuilding St Johns on the other side of Joplin is because of how close the city came from having both hospitals wiped out in that tornado.
  4. I heard about that. There was plenty of help, but both hospitals being leveled would have been a lot worse. I've had some close calls here, but nothing more than a house or two in the past 5 years. Still take precautions in case something that horrific happens. I can't imagine how terrible it was for all of them.
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    Yeah we have had a few close calls ourselves. I was watching the news and they announced the highway numbers the tornado was on the ground at. I about choked since it was about a mile from my house, but it still missed us.
  6. Closest a tornado has come to me was 4 miles. I've sinced moved a block away from where 2 homes were destroyed years back.
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    We had a pretty big outbreak in 03. For a while there we could see where the tornadoes went through by the ripped up trees. Then we got hit with the mother of all ice storms and that damaged more trees. When another round of tornadoes went through it was tough to tell what was tornado damage and what was ice storm damage. Only in Missouri.

    We went to Texas last week and everyone told us it is so hot, you'll be miserable. Well yes it was hot but not near as humid. It did not have the sweltering heat we get here.
  8. I've had a few friends that live in Texas visit and complain about the heat here. Same temp, but feels worse. I still need to visit Texas sometime.
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    as someone who has lived through many a tornado, i can tell you that there is honestly nothing more terrifying the mother nature when she feels like being in an uproar. i remember laying in a roadside drainage ditch in a culvert looking out and watching a class 2 tornado rip trees out of my front yard when I was a boy. nothing you can ever do will fully prepare you for what the world can throw at you.
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    Yikes! Yes it is far worse in person. We have gone full speed down the interstate with a tornado not far behind us before. Nothing scared me like that before.
  11. I've never been that close thankfully. Worst I've really been in is flash floods caused by the tornado storms. Floods aren't as scary though.
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    Before we moved into town we lived about a half mile from a creek. We had several days where it poured all day long. I could hear water and went outside to see the cow pasture across the road was part of the creek. I have never before or since seen the creek that flooded. Only sad part was when a couple of my son's 16 year old friends decided to take a canoe out on it. The first time they went and had a great time but the second it capsized. One heard the other scream for help and he saw him go under. It took them several months to finally find him. I knew something was up when sheriff and state police cars were swarming down there but it wasn't until my son got home from school and told me his friend drowned and they were looking for his body that I knew why. Teenage boys, oy. Most at least most of my son's friends as well as my son have no fear of anything. They pull all kinds of crazy stunts as if nothing can ever hurt them.

    We have had several really close calls. Thankfully nothing terrible happened. I still look at my facebook album that has the damage from a tornado in 2009. It ripped off a lot of siding and a tree fell on my house. It looked worse then it actually was thankfully.
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    I'm amazed... I just got here tonight, and in the back of my mind, I was wondering what the chances are that I would run across people somewhat near me. (I live about 50 miles north of springfield) And in this single thread, I see two nearby people!

    Awesome video's! I love the fear of severe weather, and knowing my life is in the hands of the higher powers to be. It's liberating in a way!

    Well, enough of that... don't want to turn it into a spirituality topic!
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    Small world huh. People always say this area is the buckle of the bible belt and the people are all straight laced. Not in this town. This town some days I am convinced belongs in a soap opera. LOL

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