Creativity and creative work in a D/s based relationship

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    I would like to arouse some conversation about the correlation of creativity / creative work and sexuality, especially in a relationship involving domination.

    I have been working on a small scale study on the subject already for some years, discussing with both dominant and submissive people (and switches of course too) - trying to map out their thoughts on their own creativity and its manifestations in their sexual behaviour - as well as the other way around; the manifestations of their sexuality in their creative works.

    I've also interviewed artists from many different fields of art about how sexual arousal is connected with inspiration and their urge to create. Of course there are all sorts of opinions on this. Some find the connection obvious, their creativity increasing as they are turned on (some even if the art work at hand isn't really one of an erotic kind at all) - and others see a negative effect on their creativity ("when in heat you just can't think any further than your genitals"). And naturally some don't see any connection between these two at all.

    Now I'd be happy to continue these conversations here, in public. At least we can bring into light some beliefs about the subject - and question their factuality.

    To begin a free conversation about the subject I shall write down some theses or general assumptions that I have come across. These claims are not mine nor do they speak about my personal opinions. Some of them are provocatively put on purpose.

    - All sexual interaction is by its very nature creative work, and if the people involved feel so it is to be seen as art. And as it is always the case when critisizing any artwork, also in sex different people give value to different aspects of the work. Whereas some people see creativity or originality as the measurement of a succesful piece, others put value purely on the technique of the realization.

    - Domination based sex (or anything kinky whatsoever) is always more creative than "ordinary sex". People who see themselves as "normal" in this sense are also often scared of anything that differs much from what they're used to in their daily self expression and in other aspects of their life as well, and more often than the kinky people they do not enjoy being creative at all.

    - Many people find the role of the submissive fitting for themselves because they can't find enough courage / ideas to participate in the creative work that the practice of truly shameless and unbound sexuality would demand. After all, all a sub needs to do is to fulfill and obey. Therefore there are less creative people among the subs as there are among average ordinary people.

    - Breaking normative behaviour and taboos is a sure method of liberating people from the blocks they have inside, and it also lays out new paths for their thoughts to roam. Because of this all kinky people are more creative by average than the "ordinary people".

    - A Dom has to portray him/herself as a very certain and creative person for the submissive to really enjoy him/herself. Many doms suffer from pressure to keep up this appearance. For a dom like that it's better to stick to a ready-made script instead of improvising during a session.

    - Most poets masturbate while writing, to get their brain cells moving and their words aflow. The feeling of coming up with a poem is a sensation that could be compared to an orgasm. All poets are self centered assholes, and when they have sex it reminds more of masturbation (or monologue) than actually meeting and interacting with another person (dialogue). Aware of the superiority of one's creative force in comparision to those around they often adapt to the role of the dom easily.

    - Real creativity can explode into motion only once a person has been liberated from all responsibility on his/her actions that limits him/her. Thus only the mind of a submissive who's swinging on the verge of extreme humiliation (underneath all the external restraints) is pulsating freely, and is able to reach true poetry.

    - Many people find the role of the submissive fit for them because they enjoy being in the centre of attention and as the focus of action. For a submissive like this it is a happy fulfillment to serve an artist, and if possible to become a part of an admired artwork him/herself.

    - Creativity - whereas the role of a Dom as well - depends mostly on being certain of oneself and the courage to try out new things. On a moment when you consider yourself to be creative you are creative, and when you're hesitating you're not. To draw a line between an artist and a non-artist is just as futile and pretendous as it is to draw a line between a dom and a sub; in the end we're all both to some extent, and never ultimately either.


    I want to thank you for reading this post all the way through, and to remind you once again that these are not my opinions, just something to start a discussion with. Please, continue, anyone?
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