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  1. sluttysub

    sluttysub Member

    Does anyone know where I can find a good corset, one with actual boning and that laces up? I've been looking, but so far most my google searches are turning up are the pretty, but flimsy ones made with satin and lace and eye hooks.

    Thanks! :)
  2. Precious

    Precious Member

    i wish i knew!! they are so attractive, unfortunately i don't i do know that the 'real' ones are like hheeellaa expensive.
  3. Malenko

    Malenko New Member

    Not really sure if this helps but Mistress bought hers from a Renn Faire that happens yearly around here. Its not the typical types that you find online and was veeerrrrryyyyyyy expensive. Maybe check out any Renn Faires that may happen near you. I'll see if Mistress remembers the name of the company that her's is from.
  4. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    If you lived in my state I know a woman to makes custom ones
    my friend interned for her (and was paid pennies lol)

    :( sorry
  5. Precious

    Precious Member

    can she mail them or does she just do local Silly?
  6. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

  7. Precious

    Precious Member

    website says "Free Shipping with All Orders Anywhere in the Continental United States! " So as long as your in U.S Slutty you should be fine. You rock Silly!
  8. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member


    you're too kind
  9. Precious

    Precious Member

    ooh I wish i had money these all look so pretty!
  10. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    my thoughts EXACTLY!!!
  11. sluttysub

    sluttysub Member

    Thanks everyone, great links! Looks like I'm going to be saving a bit. Boy can those prices get steep, lol!
  12. Phoray

    Phoray Member

    I've looked at and purchased a very high quality one (staninless steel ribbing not bone, but it laces up) for around 100 bucks at an Anime Convention- Steam Punk has gotten very popular recently, and Victorian style clothing is back in style in a major way.
  13. Ceilidh

    Ceilidh Member

    I bought one from Fredericks of Hollywood I can't remember what type of boning it had, but it was not flimsy.

    They also have cute ones too. And sever colors and decent prices. Just double check the boning because some are flimsy. I believe is the website.

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