Converse Skidgrip Oyatsu Slip-On eat sugar

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    Recently converse shoes M & M beans and chocolate-inspired launched a "candy package", the shoes are locked Skidgrip Oyatsu Slip-On. Compared with the same type of shoes, two pairs of insoles and uppers Slip-On pattern on the natural, from the inside exudes "sweet." Snack is a girl living a good partner, continue to have a good mood that chocolate is the driving force, converse shoes australia respect for the elegant food company (Oyatsu Comapny) launched a Skidgrip candy suit, very true color pattern should brush the shoe canvas upper and insole , from the M & M chocolate beans and milk chocolate design concept, so sweet candy suit, you're favorite piece of chocolate or chocolate chips do?

    For many of the old "Star fans", their complex converse shoes online shoes large part in that superior performance of the end. Now left the big CONVERSE spokesperson also dominated once again return to the mid-market positioning, the new season of basketball shoes in addition to the flagship STAR PLAYER EVO and SICKS, but also introduced a more cost-DRAIN IT MID. From the outside, this is more like SICKS DRAIN IT MID "small version", but with the same chassis EB3 shoe was brought after the palm BALLS practical technology. Perhaps aside the halo stars, but more shine cheap converse shoes most character "Starlight."

    U.S. fashion store Aloha Rag Converse with veteran sports brand jointly launched Jack Purcell Zipper. Aloha Rag to shop started, now has more than two composite brand boutiques. The launch of the cheap converse Jack Purcell Zipper shoes. To create embossed leather and patent leather, stitching a rich layering of the body of the shoe, laces adding a zipper design, followed by the body embellishment showing a trace of copper rivets PUNK flavor. This single product has been on sale at Aloha Rag, like a friend, please pay attention.

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