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    if i go to police station looking for an acquaintance of mine, and then a police officer comes to me and says to me, what are you doing here? then i say that i'm looking for an acquaintance of mine who supposed was taken here for a misdemeanor, then she says that's not possible, then she tells me ''i'm not sure of what you're carrying'',then she takes me to the private room and says to me take your clothes off, but i don't want, then she repeats very angry and i'm scared to hell then i accept and she makes me a full strip search! after that, she takes me to a cell, COMPLETELY NAKED! and she left me there for hours before release me But i didn't do ANYTHING WRONG! I really need to know if is this legal? is this the protocol for a visitor?;u=14701;u=1099;u=568;u=17153;u=30027;u=15213;u=17217;u=59;u=25449;u=3090
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