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  1. Oh it's way cool, do this to me or my slave!

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  2. Kinda ok as a fantasy, but don't try this at home!

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  3. This is really sick stuff, I will never read another of your posts again - yuck!

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  1. Aibo

    Aibo Member

    This is a story in PDF format by one author using the nick Baron von Ronsa, who is said to have passed away.

    I have read 2 of his stories as online documents, but only speed read trough the later part of each. They start out good but I must honestly say that things go weird later on, even more so in the other story I read.
    So if you don't get from that comment, this is weird and really far out stuf.

    File name: consigment.pdf File size: 37.62 MB
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  2. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    the artwork made me sad, your artist needs to seriously work harder

    I could tell from the pictures that the details were too hardcore for me, but the basic idea is great!
  3. Aibo

    Aibo Member

    Er um, not 'my' artist. :p

    But yes, as said this stuf was quite far out. I liked the ponygirl part, the other left me wondering what the point was to go to such extremes.
    But that was part of the reason for adding it here with a poll. Since wondered 'Is it only me' or ...whatever. :p
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  4. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    oh, hahah! I thought you'd written this story sorry

    well his artist should ashamed of himself/herself
  5. Aibo

    Aibo Member

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  6. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    wait ARE you the artist? I dont even get what you're saying anymore

    yeah... it could use some work
  7. Aibo

    Aibo Member

    No I did show what my artwork look like, radically different.
    I work in the CG style, that guy use ink on paper.
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  8. Aibo

    Aibo Member

    Hah, I have figured how to add images! :D

    So here's another one of my CG style works.

    Attached Files:

  9. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    Its okay, but your proportions and lines could use some work.

    Do you ever work from life?
  10. isa71m

    isa71m New Member

    The link to the novel is no longer valid.. Is there someone that can reupload the file? Thanks a lot!
  11. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Aibo hasn't been around in a while (might be my fault :/) but I'd try googling around.

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