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  1. duchess

    duchess New Member

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    Hiya, im looking for a little bit of info.. maybe some help. Im unsure if BDSM is the thing for me... Im really not sure if thats what im into or not, as i like the little things such has spanking.. hair pulling.. being tied up.. and i love the idea of someone being rough with me., maybe.. lol. Theres just some stuff im not sure i could do.. like the whole "torcher" side of things! Some of it seems abit scary! So do i just like abit of rough play? or do i have potential?

    Hopfully someone can help me out.. ta in advance
    Duchess x
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  2. spider

    spider New Member

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    Sounds like you'd make a lovely sub for the right person. Everyone has different tolerances and limits anyway, the trick is finding some one with the same tastes as you who you feel you can trust and who will respect when your feeling to out of your depth so as not to overwhelm you.
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  3. Whickedsick

    Whickedsick New Member

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    Nice to hear,maybe if we could talk a bit we can clarrify this one,do you have a ym account?

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