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  1. idee

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    I am a styraight out ho.... I did things and my husband/master knows. I told him more than my own mother knows. This guy knows me so well... what should I do. I get bored being a house wife and I like to drink and get high.
    On my own I am much stronger. Mostly for my daughter. I failed one time my older sister and aunt wanted me to be designated driver and I drank. I told my mom right away.

    God I just want to do what's right. I need to make my hubby happy first, he does everything for me. He says good things about me, he likes my cooking, he introduces me to his friends, introduced me to his family and they don't like me but he is with me.

    He likes to get me with the riding crp though. He likes to leave bruises and the darker the better.

    I have some on my upper thigh, but I would rather feel better about myself; I want softer sex and more respect. Except what would I do with it?

    sometimes I want to show people I am good at sex. I know enough of what is good. Although I have felt bad.

    But then again I am a MILF as one young man called me last year in a circle k mini mart. I thought of it as a compliment.
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I really don't know what your 'What should I do' is referring to, and I don't want to make assumptions- it would help if you explained.

    Regarding your softer sex question, just ask for it, and do whatever you enjoy.
  3. edjixxx

    edjixxx Member

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    Erm, well, you've vented, and I'll say there's more to it than what you've told us. So, is the issue alcohol and drugs? Infidelity? You want softer sex and feel he doesn't? Feel poorly about how his family views you? There's a ton of things we could conclude from the post.

    As far as relationship issues, communication, and honesty are crucial for a relationship to survive. Any deviation will cause the relationship to stretch like a rubber band, then snap. Could you please be more specific as to what your in the dilemma about?
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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Yeah, you're not giving us enough to really go on here.

    Just from what you've said though, it sounds like you have a problem with alcohol and drug addiction. Are your drinking and drug use causing problems in your life? Are they putting you and the relationships you care about at risk? Do you want to stop but feel that would be difficult or impossible? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you probably have some degree of addiction. In that case, look for your local chapter of AA or NA. They will help you understand your problem and help you find options for addressing the problem.

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  6. idee

    idee New Member

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    I will try honesty then. I thought of cheating because I wanted to just feel bad. Bad in a controling way I guess.
    Yesterday my husband's friend was look at my chest. I am just a 36 C but he seems to notice.
    I just moved away from his view and smiled politely. I was embarrassed. But last night I was thinking about it and I got these heat sensations going up my back and down my legs. I was literally hot. I never felt this before. I have cum, but never get so hot. :cool:
    I know it is wrong so I won't go there, but I just wish things were as exciting as in the begining.

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