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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by SexBunny, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. SexBunny

    SexBunny New Member

    I'm trying to get ideas for our collaring ceremony. It won't be for a long time and we want to have it the same day as our wedding, but not in lieu of. Any ideas? =)
  2. EZRA

    EZRA Member

    Ceremonies are usually populated with objects and words that have significant meaning to you.
    I would start out with composing the "vows" and go from there.
    Also think about if you want it private or with guests.
    The clothing worn and possible the time of day and year if these things have significance for you.
    Setting the stage is also important, mood ,place, music,symbols, "props"and choreography.
    All these things come together like the set of a play or movie to put you in a special place to give more meaning to your actions.
  3. SexBunny

    SexBunny New Member

    Thank you so much for your input. I started to make a list. ^^
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Perhaps you could begin with you (if you're the sub) formally petitioning your master to accept you as his slave for your lifetime. Your vows would take the form of asking/begging/offering yourself to him and why you want to do this. His vows would take the form of accepting/demanding your submission and the promises he makes to you as your master/owner. I know of one couple in which the sub gave everything she owned to her master and he in return gave her a single leather rose as the only thing she would ever own. If you don't go that far, you might give him something that symbolizes you (perhaps a treasured possession or a symbol of your freedom).
  5. SexBunny

    SexBunny New Member

    Ooh, I like that idea, Sebastian, of giving him either my possessions or something that symbolizes me or my freedom. Thank you for your input. ^^ And yes, I will be His slave.
  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Ezra is right. Ceremony is the key. Ceremonies are powerful because they use ritual and symbols to speak to the inner truth of what is happening. But my advice is to keep it simple. I was at the wedding of a good friend last year and it was beautiful, but there were too many symbols: masks, coins, a shawl, rings, candles, a book, all of which were being moved around, put on, taken off, exchanged, and so on. Each gesture was wonderful, but by the end the stage was littered with props and the whole ceremony got a little lost in the clutter. So choose one or two big symbols that really mean a lot and focus attention on them.
  7. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

    As a submissive myself, I warmly remember this time period with my Mistress.
    I really like the idea that you want it to be on the same day as the wedding... definitely the best wedding night imaginable... im quite jealous... ;P
    A collaring ceremony really is the equivalent of a wedding in the BDSM subculture, and just as much planning should go into it as well, but like sebastian said just above, don't go too overboard.
    Have you discussed and/or written down a slave contract yet? (Optional of course, but it makes everything a lil bit more fun)

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